Joey Bats Cafe Takes the US Foodie Community by Storm with Internationally Renowned Pastry

Joey Bats Cafe Takes the US Foodie Community by Storm with Internationally Renowned Pastry

Foodies all over the country love adding a unique experience to their palette portfolio. Joey Bats Cafe is a name to get acquainted with for anyone looking for authentic international cuisine to add to their Instagram feeds and personal lists of favorites. 

Located at 129 Allen Street in the Lower East Side of New York, Joey Bats Cafe is the home of  Pastéis de Nata. This famous Portuguese pastry features a Crème Brûlée-like center wrapped with a Flaky Croissant. The well-known pastry originated from Lisbon in the early 1800s and has gathered a loyal fan base in the US recently. Today, Pastéis de Nata has become the flagship product of Joey Bats Cafe, building a steady stream of orders from all over New York and all around the nation. The company now delivers orders throughout the United States and hopes to expand its horizons more in the coming years. 

Joey Bats Cafe is the byproduct of founder Joey Batista’s passion project, which has now turned into a fast-growing restaurant business. Joey grew up in a small town in Western Massachusetts around Portuguese and Polish immigrants. His family owns a Portuguese market that has served specialty smoked sausages, meats, and other Portuguese products. Joey moved to New York for work back in 2013 but in 2016 decided to start a side hustle on top of his engineering day job. And what made the most sense was to get into food as his mother was a fantastic cook. 

The idea for the cafe began with a dessert called Bolo de Bolacha. Joey would make them from his apartment in the evenings and sell them to restaurants in East Village and the Lower East Side Areas of Manhattan. The entrepreneur also added several bodegas to the list after a few months. Seeing the potential to grow this into a full-fledged business, Joey talked to his mother about getting involved. The plan was to focus on  Portugal’s most popular pastry, aka Pastéis de Nata, which would sky-rocket the mother-son tandem to Big Apple culinary fame. In July 2017, Joey entered a small festival and sold over 3,000 pieces of Pastéis de Nata in one afternoon. That’s when he decided to pursue his business full-time and call it Joey Bats Cafe, a nickname his NYC friends gave him. Now, Joey has gained national acclaim, and recently he was on a TLC reality show called Kate Plus Date, where Kate Gosselin kept asking Joey for the Bolo de Bolacha recipe, the dessert that started it all.

Joey Bats Cafe opened its first physical location on Allen Street in July of 2018. Since then, the business has continued to frequent fairs and pop-up locations all across the city. But what brought the company the most success recently and during the pandemic was operating an online distribution strategy as well as his reinvention of his LES space with live Comedy 6 nights a week. The move couldn’t have come at a better time, given that the COVID-19 pandemic would hurt foot traffic for millions of food businesses all over the country in 2020. 

Meanwhile, Joey Bats Cafe has become a force to be reckoned with in the national pastry market as Pastéis de Nata orders continue to flock in despite the pandemic. Joey Bats Cafe also maintains a Rockefeller Plaza popup location, which has performed exceptionally since lockdowns eased.

Joey Batista hopes to expand Joey Bats Cafe to various parts of the country in the coming years while also planning to open other locations, including a NYC Lounge to accommodate his love for dance. The cafe also has other amazing products on its menu, including various pastries, cocktails, and specialty Portuguese beers and wines.

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