InstaSkinCare USA shares 5 life-changing habits to adopt that help people improve their lives

Leading skincare brand InstaSkinCare USA has shared some tips and practices women can apply to their everyday morning care routine without requiring additional financial resources. 

“All of us want to feel energized and rested in the morning, but life makes its adjustments. People overwork themselves and forget how to take care of their minds and bodies. That is why the feeling of rest and energy in the morning is so rare,” Olena Kubrak, InstaSkinCare USA chief executive officer and co-founder, said in an interview. 

InstaSkinCare USA said the first thing to do is drinking enough water, which offers a lot of evidence-based health benefits.

“Everyone has heard about the importance of drinking water. What do people do about this information? Mostly they ignore it or put it in the box in the best scenario,” Olena said.

InstaSkinCare USA said non-active people need to multiply their weight by ⅔ to know how much water to drink daily. 

For example, if the weight is 175 pounds, multiply that by 2/3 and get the result of 117 ounces of water per day. In cases of physical activity, drinking more water when feeling thirsty is essential.

“Water improves the absorbance of the supplements, especially if we are talking about anti-aging collagen-boosting supplements like the Instaskincare Collagen Peptides,” Olena said.

InstaSkinCare USA’s second tip is to use mobile phones less to get better sleep.

“Scientists learned that blue light from smartphones influences the nervous system dramatically and energizes it. Try to replace the phone with yoga, book, or meditation,” Olena stressed.

InstaSkinCare USA said for people who can’t wake up without an alarm, setting some melodic music that will not irritate them would help.

The third tip shared by InstaSkincare USA is eating more healthy food, which means replacing foods that contain trans fats, sugar, and added salt with more nutritious options.

“Eating healthy food is so important for feeling healthy. That is why people need to control what they eat and like it at the same time. Breakfast is the main course of the day, so prepare something delicious and healthy for yourself like avocado toast, oatmeal, or Sandwiches with eggs,” Olena said.

InstaSkinCare USA said the food women eat sometimes doesn’t have all the necessary nutrients and vitamins their body needs. 

“That is why don’t forget to add Instaskincare Collagen Peptides which will help improve the skin and guts; Vitamin D, which is highly important to get now because it protects us from viruses and pathogens; and Zinc, which is also crucial for our immune system to function,” Olena added.

InstaSkinCare USA’s fourth tip is waking up the body, which includes turning to gentle yoga or meditation, which are among the great ways to doing that. 

“Women can go to a group train or do it at home with the help of an app like Playbook where you can choose a favorite trainer, or the Nike Training App, which is good for women who are in the US since it has a free pro subscription,” Olena said.

Thinking positive is InstaSkincare USA’s final tip, where the company urged women to make every day the best day of their lives by simply changing their way of thinking. 

“Thinking positively is not an easy task. Some activities will help people relax the mind and help with anxiety such as saying positive affirmations and writing down your thoughts in a notebook,” Olena pointed out. 

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