Seilufreezer Co., Ltd. Unveils -80ºC Cryogenic Freezer Dedicated to Vaccine Storage and Transportation

Seilufreezer Co. Ltd., a decorated cryogenic refrigeration manufacturer, has developed a -80ºC Cryogenic Freezer Room, designed specifically for storing and transporting COVID-19 vaccines.

Vaccine storage and transportation is considered a key element in the success of vaccinating the world’s populace against COVID-19. This is because a cryogenic temperature of -80ºC needs to be maintained throughout the entire supply chain to prevent deterioration. Consequently, a system that can safely deliver the vaccine under such conditions is desperately needed.

Seilufreezer Co. Ltd. Has now launched its -80ºC Cryogenic Freezer Room after a long in-house development effort. Ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers have traditionally been used, and because their size is similar to a residential home refrigerator, they are convenient for most small facilities to use.

However, having multiple ULT freezers at one facility causes many problems. Larger facilities often require dozens and dozens of upright freezers to meet their storage needs, which are a challenge to maintain. Multiple units housed together emit a large amount of heat indoors, which results in high HVAC expenditures to offset the heat. Seilufreezer Co. Ltd.’s -80ºC Cryogenic Freezer Room solved this problem as their unit’s condenser is placed outdoors, so extra indoor heat is no longer a problem.

Seilufreezer’s 33m2-sized ULT freezer room can hold an equivalent to 140 traditional, upright ULT freezers, each with a volume 600L. Even if only 60% of the 33m2-sized freezer room is used, it still has the capacity to store the same amount as 84 traditional, upright freezers.

Furthermore, a dual cooling system can be built into all freezers to maintain a low temperature environment of -70ºC even if failure of one of the two freezers occurred. Uncovered, custom-made aluminum plated copper pipes are used to prevent the room’s temperature from rising, during defrosting when running the primary unit coolers.

Seilufreezer Co. Ltd.’s -80ºC Cryogenic Freezer Room was finalized and tested last August. Two units (40 m2, 79 m2 each) are now operational at the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science, and not experienced any problems. The rooms are being used as a seed bank and to store biological samples for analysis.

According to Seilufreezer’s General Manager, Yong Nam Jung, who is leading sales for the ULT freezer rooms, “we customize the size and specifications of our freezer rooms based on our customer’s preferences. After consulting with them, we can evaluate their needs and plan to meet IQ, OQ, and PQ protocols for their situation to maximize quality assurance.” He added that “tight temperature control is paramount for proper pharmaceutical and biological sample cold storage.”

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