Black Woman-owned Company Revolutionizes How Executives, Entrepreneurs, And Creatives Build Their Brands

MEANT Consulting is a coaching and consulting company that helps people and brands thrive, profit, and stay competitive through purpose. Their vision is to create more diverse, impactful, and effective businesses, leaders, and creatives.

Los Angeles, CA, United States – With more than 10 years as an event producer and corporate executive, CEO and Founder Desiree Ashe-Bradford is considered an expert in tackling sales, marketing, and brand awareness. These are the skills she has used to start MEANT consulting, eradicating the discrepancy between purpose and its return on investment within a brand.

MEANT Consulting launched in August 2020, originally working directly with individuals to help them discover their purpose and how to monetize it. The company has since grown into its new phase, working with C-suite execs and owners as well as artists and influencers to help them develop brands that are impactful, generates interest, and is therefore highly profitable. This complex recipe for success is crucial in paving the way for any brand to do well in the unforgiving current markets.

On the topic of the inspiration behind MEANT Consulting, Desiree Ashe-Bradford comments, “The Social Justice Movement of 2020 was my biggest inspiration. Most specifically regarding diversity in leadership. I realized there is so much more I could do in addition to leading by example and creating space in my own work environments. I can actually promote, teach, and lead others to do the same.”

With success on a local scale, MEANT Consulting now aims to expand nationwide, then globally. Entrepreneurs, established businesses, talent, or anyone with the drive of creating an effective, sustainable, and revenue generating brand can learn a lot from the programs MEANT Consulting has to offer. Through purpose, integrity, and strategy, the company aims to create a substantial shift in the way brands seek to attain profit and success, thus making them the go-to experts in this field.

As a proud black female founder and CEO, Desiree hopes to inspire other black women to continue to pursue leadership positions as well as start their own businesses. Undoubtedly, black women have faced inequities in the workplace for far too long, while statistically being the most educated and showing exceptional emotional strength. She has made it a personal mission to always advocate for diversity and aid in the necessity of black and all BIPOC achieving the positions, access, and resources they deserve to be afforded. She hopes to see a future where BIPOC are not being undervalued and underappreciated just because of their skin or culture.

Through her “set goals, be intentional, make it happen” philosophy, Desiree ensures her clients understands how powerful the mind is and that there is no limit to success once they can tap into that. As an entirely purpose-driven company, MEANT Consulting is set to transform the meaning of “doing business”. From Fortune 500 companies to local businesses and individuals building their brand, MEANT Consulting is a valuable steppingstone for all.

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