Seafresh, An Online Fishmonger Thrives During Lockdown

Seafresh, An Online Fishmonger Thrives During Lockdown

Lancashire, UK – Seafresh has changed the approach to sourcing quality fish across the UK. The online fishmonger has been able to help many members of the communities it serves to access quality fish for their consumption needs. The team at Seafresh pays attention to all of the important information, including the grade, the glaze, cut, where it’s frozen, how it is frozen, as well as whether it is sustainable. As a passionate company about what it does, Seafresh offers a diverse range of fishes sourced across the globe.

Customers who choose Seafresh will have access to a wide range of fish options from the traditional fish species to the Cod, salmon, seabass, and Haddock. Customers who have a taste for the more sophisticated options will also have access to Yellow Fin Tuna, Blue Shark, and smoked fish, all available in a wide range of prepared media to meet customers’ needs.

During the lockdown, the online fishmonger has continued to thrive for many reasons, including realizing that fish contains several beneficial nutrients that help develop the body while also boosting the immune system. Fish contains essential nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and B2, as well as elements like zinc, iron, calcium, and much more, all of which play different roles in maintaining health, wellness, and vitality.

In addition to this, customers who shop with Seafresh can rest assured that they are getting good quality fish that has been sorted based on a range of criteria, including the glaze, grade, cut, and whether the fish is sustainable and healthy. Being a convenient option, customers of Seafresh can rest assured that they can place an order online and have their fish or seafood delivered to them at their comfort and with no hassle.

Encouraging more customers to take advantage of the seafood products offered, the business representative said: “As an online fishmonger, Seafresh specializes in sourcing the highest quality Frozen Fish online. Air Blast freezing locks in all the flavors & the goodness, and it prevents bacteria from forming. The quicker it’s frozen, the fresher it is, therefore we stock frozen at sea and/or Individually Quick Frozen (IQF). We are passionate about our products and are proud of our reputation for quality. We believe that you will not find a better freshly-frozen fishmonger than Seafresh.”

Seafresh ensures quality by hand packing and delivering each customer’s frozen fish to arrive at the customer’s home in perfect condition. Customers who visit the fishmonger online will find a wide range of varieties to choose from, including North Atlantic Cod Loins & Salmon Fillets, Line Caught Haddock, YellowFin Tuna, and much more.

Seafresh also offers oven-ready seafood, beef and lamb, chicken, and ducks. Visit them at their website or call 01942 609 647. For more information, visit Unit A (2) 8 Sandy Court, Moss Industrial Estate, Leigh, Lancashire WN7 3PT GB.

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