Luxury Leathergoods Brand Announces Partnership With French Innovation Equity Crowdfunding Platform to Achieve Full Potential

After a hiatus, Maison Muldooneys is being revived by its Founder & CEO Marlene P. Naicker, and announces the launch of an equity crowdfunding campaign on MyOptions, the first global innovation equity platform

Maison Muldooneys have reiterated their goal of pioneering their innovative vision of luxury as the company recently launched an equity funding campaign on MyOptions. The move is in line with the company’s goal of reviving the brand and disrupting the market by associating transparency and innovation.

“With this revival of Muldooneys we are hoping to bring valued transformation within the supply chain with innovative technology, where our consumers are at the center of every interaction between product and brand.” Said Marlene P. Naicker, CEO of Maison Muldooneys.

She further stated, “It’s the bold and bright young generation, we are targeting with this equity drive. A young cohort of men and women who could become part of the company, and build on an ethos of inclusivity and diversity in the luxury fashion industry – because it is this generation who, who are dictating the pace and transformation that need to be made”

The global luxury market has evolved over the years, growing to become a multi-billion-dollar market driven by the developments in e-commerce. Dominated by a few large players, the market is currently faced with changing consumption patterns and a growing need for product traceability, and brand engagement, which is where Maison MULDOONEYS’ approach is particularly helpful as the company integrates blockchain technology into its model.

The adoption of nanotechnology, and blockchain in the product supply chain, allows them to transform the entire luxury supply chain, allowing more consumers to be a part of the products’ life journey from creation to finish. The company leverages developments in Blockchain & Holograms to offer full supply chain transparency, visual product authentication and brand security, with the provenance of the Made in France label.

The luxury brand is pushing the boundaries in innovation, by bringing the future to customers in a market situation where traditional brands have missed the opportunity to create value, build trust for consumers, the brand, environment, and local economy with innovative products, agile business model, and advanced digital solutions.

The business plan of Maison Muldooneys projected for the next five years, shows strong growth to reach 2.8 M € in turnover from 2022. The company aims to supply nearly 1,900 bags in 2022 and 10,800 by 2025. The agile pre-order business model, coupled with low market to entry with e-commerce, allows the company to generate a strong 42% operating margin from the first year.

Muldooneys has already been piloted between 2005 and 2012, with a business network, consumer segment and distribution channels in niche segments globally, by a CEO who understands the challenges of the luxury fashion industry, and the need for agility and flexibility.

The amounts raised in the MyOptions campaign will be used, to kickstart the business with state-of-the-art e-commerce, innovation platform, new product development, and push out digital sales and marketing  nationally and internationally,

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Founded by Marlene P. Naicker in 2005, Maison Muldooneys is a luxury brand that designs and creates a range of leathergoods, which blends high-performance high tech features, timeless style, and superior French savoir-faire craftsmanship. Each product crafted, is unique, serialized, and no same design is the same as the other.

With six limited edition product drops per year. These consist of a basic, heritage, and iconic line collections: Weekenders, Totes, Hobos, Clutches, and Small leathergoods.

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MyOptions is the first crowdfunding platform exclusively dedicated to innovation. They offer digital integration to finance innovation and provide an opportunity for investment through crowdfunding and other digital means. They help people make positive investment decisions for a better tomorrow.

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