Slatwall Melbourne Firm Founders Mark Four Decades Of Industry Experience

Dinya Designs offers complete end-to-end solutions for striking commercial and residential shop-style accessories and fittings.

Dinya Designs Shopfittings & Slatwalls and Jehad Muhaidat are pleased to announce that their slatwall business in Melbourne was borne from the desire of two friends who arrived in Australia with the dream of starting their own business. After months of research and preparation, they came up with a store that provided a whole range of slatwall panels and gondolas Melbourne business customers needed when setting up their store displays. The business today offers a complete end-to-end solution to design, supply, and install aesthetically appealing solutions for commercial and residential spaces. 

By using the industry-leading slatwall panels Melbourne business and homeowners can create a unique solution for small businesses as easily as for big-box retailers. Dinya’s also sells direct to the public to provide solutions to homeowners seeking efficient and practical storage solutions using slatwalls Melbourne products. 

Dinya’s shop fitting store Melbourne business was built on a foundation of respect, hard work, and ethics. These elements have been provided to all customers during more than four decades of experience in construction, manufacturing, logistics, and continuous improvement. The slatwall accessories Australia firm is committed to the best building practices for sustainable and environmentally friendly products. 

All of the slatwall fittings Melbourne products exceed the Australian E1 Standard. They are manufactured from MDF-rated EO, which contains fifty percent of the formaldehyde used in the E1 board. Formaldehyde vapours are known to be explosive, flammable, and toxic, and linked to a higher risk of cancer. The shopfitting store has a range of products which includes shelving, baskets, and panels. Most of the product range is available in the warehouse’s stock, which ensures that the customer’s fit-out can be completed quickly. Dinya can also work with partners in manufacturing to design and build unique accessories for showcasing products quickly. 

About the Company: 

Dinya Designs Shopfittings & Slatwalls has been providing a full range of slatwall products and accessories for decades. More information is available at

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Company Name: Dinya Designs Shopfittings & Slatwalls
Contact Person: Jehad Muhaidat
Address:102-120 Cooper Street
City: Epping
State: VIC 3076
Country: Australia