ORBIT Rising Stem Ball Valve at Energy Products Company in 2″ – 12″ Size and T3, T5 & T7 Trims with H & H8 Seats Options

Energy Products Company holds in its inventory ORBIT rising stem ball valves, expanding gate valves, and other valves used in different industries. Since 1973, this business has been selling quality valves in the United States.

According to announcements released by Energy Products Company, the ORBIT rising stem ball valve in its stock is available in 2″ – 12″ size, ANSI 150# – 900#. These carry T3, T5, &T7 trims with H & H8 seat options.

With proper installation and maintenance, this equipment lasts long. The ORBIT ball valve works smoothly with minimum maintenance. Lubrication reduces the wear and friction of moving parts but is not essential to effect a seal. A lubrication program based on the valve’s specific application is recommended for the ORBIT rising stem ball valve.

The rising stem ball valve does not present localized high-velocity flow, which often leads to uneven seat wear. This problem is commonly seen with the ordinary ball, gate, and plug valves.

Easy low-torque valve operation due to the absence of seal rubbing during opening and closing is one of the standout features of this valve’s design. The ORBIT operating principle developed by Cameron, the manufacturer, results in a positive shutoff to direct attention to a leak.

ORBIT valves are manufactured by Cameron and are backed by a standard 36-month warranty. The design, materials, and workmanship that result in these durable valves are of the highest standard. Customers can obtain certifications for hydrostatic test results on request.

Other valves available with Energy Products Company include a double block-and-bleed valve, general valve 4-way diverter valve, and expanding gate valve pow-r-seal.

For more information, go to https://www.energyproducts.us/orbit-ball-valve/

As Energy Products Company affirms, not all valves are created equal. Only ORBIT Low-E valves incorporate new sealing elements that have earned certification to ISO 15848 Tightness Class AH and API Standard 622 for high- and low-temperature applications. By integrating advanced graphite-based technology with the proven ORBIT valve tilt-and-turn operation, ORBIT Low-E valves set a new benchmark for fugitive emissions (FE) performance at temperature extremes while increasing valve life even under dynamic cycling conditions.

Sharing information on how to close an ORBIT valve, Energy Products Company states that to close an ORBIT valve, as the handwheel is turned, the stem begins to lower. Precision spiral grooves in the stem act against fixed guide pins, causing the stem and core to rotate. Continued turning of the handwheel rotates the core and stem a full 90 degrees without the core touching the seat. Final turns of the handwheel mechanically wedge the stem down, pressing the core firmly against the seat.

On the history of this valve’s design, Energy Products Company shares that the ORBIT rising stem ball valve’s unique tilt-and-turn design reduces seal rubbing and delivers reliable performance. It is the proven technology for arduous process conditions, including high-temperature, critical isolation to molecular sieve switching services. This legacy of innovation began in 1912 when Alfred Heggem founded The Oilwell Improvements Company of Tulsa. Heggem’s groundbreaking ball valve seating principle, patented in 1935, was considered by many at the time to be the first major advancement for valves in half a century. This patent is the forerunner to all ball valves today.

About the Company:

Energy Products Company is the largest distributor of general twin seal double block & bleed valves, WKM Pow-R-Seal expanding gate valves & ORBIT rising stem ball valves serving the petroleum industry. It specializes in liquid pipeline operations and natural gas pipeline operations.

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