X-COPS Brings Traffic Ticket Fighters With More Than 20 Years Of Experience

Traffic rules have been violated by each of us at least once. Poor road conditions due to weather, icy roads, or even small distractions can result in serious consequences. Most people who get a traffic ticket feel as if there is no point in fighting them in court and end up paying them (which is called an admittance of guilt). However, the police’s officer’s decision to charge people with tickets is not always proper and those can and should be challenged in court. At the very least one can get rid of unwanted demerit points on a driving record, avoid huge fines and more serious consequences like vehicle seizure or driver’s licence suspension.X-COPS - Traffic Ticket Fighters

X-COPS is an experienced team of professionals focused only on providing legal assistance to clients regarding traffic tickets.

Many people are not even aware of the severe consequences that entail receiving at least one ticket in Canada. The amount shown on the ticket is not all the money people have to pay. The insurance rates may go up as well.

X-COPS helps their clients with the following:

Careless driving tickets

It will be challenging for one to convince in court that they were able to adequately assess the situation on the road without qualified support from our paralegals.

Stunt driving tickets

Popular for many modern and young drivers, stunt driving can bring you a lot of trouble, and our experience in dealing with this type of ticket will become valuable for you.

Fail to stop at a red traffic light sign tickets

It happens to many when you recklessly decide to pass the intersection, and at the last moment, the red light comes on. You did not want to create an emergency, but you were still fined? This is not a problem – we know how to reduce or withdraw your charge for this type of traffic ticket.

Driving without insurance or driving license tickets

What could be worse than driving without a driver’s license? However, with our service, you will have a chance to mitigate the punishment.

–  Failing to move over for an emergency vehicle tickets

When you see a car approaching with flashing blue or red lights or hear a siren (and maybe all at once), you should move to the right side of the road or as far to the right as possible and stop. If you are caught at an intersection, you must cross it and stop immediately. However, there are always exceptions to the rules, and it is crucial to convey your opinion and arguments correctly in court.

Unbuckled seat belt tickets

People need to be fastened all the time while driving. If one is fined for this violation, it is not a fact that one will have to pay it. Call the X-COPS first.

More details about how to fight a speeding ticket in Ontario, and the demerit points system in Ontario, can be found at – https://x-cops.ca.

Customer service quality

For X-COPS, the quality of customer service is of paramount importance. And this is not a populist phrase. We really dedicate enough time to each client and provide them with all available options related to their case. Moreover, communication with each paralegal is always done through personal numbers that enable us to be reachable 24/7.

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