Student of UT Developed FrenchFry App at a Young Age

A 21 years old Zaheer Pirani developed an eatery recommendation app named FrenchFry, which suggests its users the best place to dine in near their location.

Austin, TX, United States – Everyone loves eating but they always get confused about which restaurant they should have their meal in. Eating in a restaurant with good ratings and flavorful food is what most people prefer these days. But this can be tricky for a person to choose when there are hundreds of restaurants near them. Scrolling down to see each restaurant is what nobody wants to do because what if they end up picking the wrong one. The app name FrenchFry has given the solution to this problem.

FrenchFry App is developed by a 21 years old student named Zaheer Pirani, who is currently studying at the University of Texas. Pirani is the CEO and Co-founder of the app. He studies management and entrepreneurship.

A user can choose what to eat and what not just by swiping right or left on their screen. This function is similar to dating apps like Tinder or Bumble. “Many of the people are familiar with the swipe method through dating apps like Tinder and Bumble. So they would know how fast the app moves when you make a decision. I think instead of swiping on people, people should swipe on the food. FrenchFry has also helped me with my mental health: now I can set my own goals and can reach them on a regular basis.”, said Zaheer Pirani. The individual can also set the events according to their choices. For example, the user can set an event for lunch from the selected place at lunchtime. The FrenchFry development crew currently has a team of 30, consisting of designers and engineers. The team also includes 25 interns who promote the app on famous social media platforms like Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram. This helps the Application to grow its demand in the audience.

The Application has achieved another milestone by completing 25 thousand downloads just in the first month after its release. The app has filters available, which an individual can apply to choose the distance, price range, and type of food they want to eat. The cuisines are American, Japanese, Italian, Seafood, Sushi, Dessert, and much more. The app is available worldwide and gives revelation to small local restaurants which are not on Google and Yelp. Thus, the user can have recommendations from these restaurants too. Zaheer Pirani who is only 21 years old, designed all these fabulous features, with the help of two other developers. Pirani hopes that one day, FrenchFry App will become a household name and start doing sponsorship with the brands.

Based on their early success, there is a bright future for both the Application and its CEO.

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