Experience the Luxurious Lifestyle of Modern Africa at Daze House Hotel

With a focus on hand-crafted products, Daze House is a black-owned boutique hotel. The hotel features ten luxurious modern rooms. Everything in these rooms has been sourced from various regions of Africa. This sourcing improves the small economy of artisans.

Johannesburg, South Africa – Depicting modern Africa, Daze House puts efforts in strengthening the smaller economies of Africa by sourcing products and materials from numerous parts. Daze House offers different and fresher experiences for the people to enjoy their stay in the hotel. The mission of Daze House is to create a community. The customers can visit the online shop to purchase hand-crafted products.  Daze House’s slogan is “Experience living because that’s what we provide – an experience of how to live, how to enjoy life, and be a part of a community that has ethical, sustainable, and connected values that empower people.”

The luxury rooms offered by Daze House include inspired rooms from countries “Kenya”, “Eswatini”, “Ethiopia”, “Egypt”, “Lesotho”, “Morocco”, “Namibia”, “Rwanda”, “Tanzania”, and “Zimbabwe”. All the rooms at Daze House are fitted with Queen-sized beds and have each of their regional, textural and sensory symbolism. These paintings are made available for sale. The rooms are equipped with all of the modern amenities such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, workspaces, and much more. Additionally, the rooms are vibrant, cultural, and full of light.

Daze House focuses on making new experiences and creating a space that is like a home that is reminiscent of Africa and its people. In this regard, Daze House regularly hosts events such as Paint and Sip Sessions, Cooking Classes, Yoga and Meditation sessions, and other food experiences. These experiences are an opportunity for people to enjoy new ways of socializing, be inspired by other cultures, and indulge the senses. Moreover, such events and sessions inspire people to participate in the growth of art and artisan industries.

Empowering the local economies of Africa, Daze House takes pride in the management of the hotel. The unique strategy adopted by Daze House ensures that the local artists and other artisans are appreciated for what they do. The hotel inspires such people to come forth and depict their talents to the world. The vast diversity of Africa is depicted in the details of the whole hotel making it feel very nostalgic of home which stands out in the vibrant, textured walls and skilled paintings.

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