Anshul Bansal – Top Real Estate Influencer Property Guru of India

Anshul Bansal - Top Real Estate Influencer Property Guru of India

Anshul Bansal

The pandemic has hit hard every industry, there is hardly anyone capable of meeting ends without any issue. Among all, the real estate industry has been affected the most, many have lost jobs, several properties are still under construction and many are not sold.

Many people are still looking for their dream home but unfortunately due to pandemics, they are not interested to step out and explore properties. Even during this pandemic, some people can help you in your journey of hunting a dream home.

The real estate influencer Anshul Bansal is a known name in the real estate influencer. This Chandigarh based Real Estate influencer has around 90k subscribers and is growing at a rapid pace with every passing day and has become top real estate guru of India. 

Check out his real estate profile on YouTube, the handle name is his website

YouTube channel Technocrat Anshul – One Stop Destination to Your Dream Home

The YouTube channel Technocrat Anshul is a beautiful gateway to your dream abode. The property review by Anshul is super unique because the video review is the biggest USP.  Many of his video reviews have crossed millions of views.

Technocrat Anshul is listed among the top ten property gurus of India and is the best. The high-quality video reviews offer an exact view of each and every corner of the home, talk about the build quality, super built-up area, interiors, exteriors, builders, etc. 

All this makes Technocrat Anshul the most influential real estate influencer in India. All these videos get millions of hit and those who have bought properties are super happy in their new abode, the entire credit goes to quality video review, honest feedback, insightful information, inclusion of vital details. 

Tune in to YouTube channel Technocrat Anshul

Technocrat Anshul is one unique and professional real estate influencer who prefer to keep it real and honest with their audience.  The channel has only right information and is always open to share additional feedback on request. 

Here is why you should tune into his YouTube channel if you are searching for your dream home:

– Virtual tour of each nook and corner

– Provides detailed insight into the property

– Get all the information at the comfort of your home

– Stay indoors at pandemic and checkout property

– More than 15 families got their dream home

– Honest and unbiased review of property in Hindi

About Anshul Bansal – The man behind Technocrat Anshul

Anshul Bansal is a businessman by profession and engineer by education. He has given wings to his creativity by launching his real estate start-up and he is doing an incredible job of being India’s top most real estate influencer.  He also runs a real estate start-up which has helped him to understand the technicality behind dealing with properties while making purchases. Anshul ensures to covers all the crucial aspects while providing a video review about the property, this helps the users to make a better buying decision.

Are you planning to buy your dream home in the near future but are not sure where to start from ?? Tune in to Technocrat Anshul YouTube channel for the best and honest review about the properties. This is the first step to your dream home. He can be reached through call on +91-9058000045

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