ExecScale Launches “HireRebates” Program To Reward Great Hiring Decisions

New recruiting firm pays employers for exceptional hiring principles.

“Modern hiring practices are so efficient, it makes my job as a recruiter easier and as a result our clients deserve better pricing,” says Founder and CEO of ExecScale, Nicole Carpenter.

“Today’s hiring world is forever changed, and professional recruiting firms must adapt to this new reality. ExecScale rewards hiring managers for their ability to hire the right Executive Assistant and we believe there’s no need to charge them excessive fees for placement guarantees they do not need,” states Carpenter.

Utilizing a specialized recruiting approach, ExecScale identifies and recommends the most suitable Executive Assistant’s for your business needs. ExecScale fully vets each employer’s specified hiring goals to ensure they are getting the most qualified candidate for even the most highly demanding executive.

“When companies have a strong and healthy hiring process, their systems are proven to lower employee turnover. Company’s that qualify to work with us generate sizable returns when they hire the candidates we recommend. As a result, ExecScale doesn’t need to offer replacement candidates, which saves us money, and I can pass those cost savings onto my clients,” states Carpenter.

ABOUT Nicole Carpenter:

As the Founder and CEO of ExecScale, Nicole Carpenter has over 15 years of experience providing executive support, recruiting & human resource services to a variety of high-producing entrepreneurs and executive teams. Before ExecScale, Nicole held the role of Executive Assistant within healthcare, venture capital, startups, Fortune 500, and a major sporting event, Super Bowl 50. From these roles, Nicole has an inside understanding of the Executive Assistant position and the dynamic partnership required between the executive and their assistant.

Entrepreneurs, executives, human resource specialists, and hiring managers interested in partnering with ExecScale to hire your next EA, please visit HireRebates (SM) Program.

Executive Assistants interested in advancing their career can submit a resume to: https://www.execscale.com/jobs

Employers interested in learning more, please go to: https://www.execscale.com/employer

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