OB-1 Cheap Brightener 1533455 Price Goes Down While OB Price Increased

Due to the reduction of raw material and production cost, Credit updated the price of OB-1 optical brightener 1533455

Most of Credit partner began to stock chemical fluorescent brightener 393 OB-1, so the production line is a little tight.

Of course, if customer’s order quantity about chemical product optical brightener ob1 less than 5000kg, Credit can directly deliver to they from Credit warehouse.

In order to avoid the delay delivery, Credit advice customers make the order earlier.

Of course, the raw material of Brightener OB (For Paint Ink, pp pe pvc abs) 7128-64-5 has increased, so Credit can only update the price list.

It increases 1 dollars /kg. In order to reduce the producing cost, Credit sincerely hope Credit can help more customer save cost and earn more profit.

Fluorescent whitening agent OBF is a new product developed by Credit company. In the face of increasingly severe environmental protection, in order to provide a stable supply of new products developed by Credit customers, Credit have replaced the optical brightener OB-1. Compared with the fluorescent whitening agent OB-1: First, in the production and preparation, there is no waste residue, only a small amount of waste liquid, and it is more environmentally friendly to the production environment; the fluorescence wavelength is higher than that of the fluorescent whitening agent OB-1. Long, warm hue, the same cost and fluorescent whitening agent OB-1 whitening effect is similar, if you want to warm the color light recommended fluorescent brightener OBF

Below are the data sheet about China optical brightener OB-1 393:

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