COVID Testing for Camps by Heed Health to Enable Children Attending Camps Stay Virus-Free

Heed Health provides COVID-19 testing solutions for camps, businesses, individuals, schools, and private events. Dedicated professionals from Heed Health are available to provide symptom and exposure monitoring, tracking, advisory, and other services.

According to Heed Health and Brian Stern’s announcements, this company provides COVID testing for camps. The service helps camp organizers put in place protocols to prevent infections in the camp. Heed Healthcare offers FDA & EUA testing solutions with timely and accurate results. Camps can get in touch with Heed Health to learn about appropriate testing recommendations and benefit from a free consultation that informs on a camp’s requirements to ensure that the inhabitants stay infection-free. 

Heed Health helps parents, counselors, and camps ensure that children attending camps are tested for COVID-19 at home or the destination. The testing is done using the latest technology and yields dependable and quick results. The process is easy and can save lives. 

The Heed Health COVID-19 PCR testing solution uses self-collection test kits that allow camps to test children and other camp members conveniently. Testing is an essential step to take to prevent this virus from being transmitted. 

Anybody, including small children, can get the coronavirus and not show any symptoms. Asymptomatic COVID-19 presents a bigger risk because the chances of the disease spreading are higher. Proximity among kids at a summer camp is unavoidable; a trustworthy testing system that can be implemented seamlessly can save lives. 

With Heed Health’s support, parents can test children at home and send them to camp only if they test negative for the virus. Infected children can be quarantined to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Camps, secure with the knowledge that all the kids are free of the disease, can function normally. 

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Brian Stern of Heed Health said, “Parents and counselors alike might not believe that administering a COVID-19 test is easy, but that’s not the case at all. Today there are self-administered COVID-19 tests that you can perform in the comfort of your own home or the nurse’s office at your summer camp. These tests are safe, simple to use, and typically provide results within 1 to 2 days. 

For parents, these easy COVID-19 tests are a godsend. Testing companies can send them directly to their home and, where they can self-administer the test to their child. For parents who might be concerned, it’s a simple swab that causes no pain whatsoever and minimal, if any, discomfort for your child. For camp staff, COVID-19 testing is equally easy and fast. The camp nurse can perform the test, of course, but any qualified camp staff member can administer it as well.”

On the importance of testing, Stern said, “Health experts worry that, as the pandemic eases, testing will decline. That’s problematic as testing has consistently been recognized as the very best method for identifying and defending against this deadly virus. If you run a summer camp for kids, or you’re a concerned parent, please leave your name and contact information, and we’ll send you our camp testing recommendations as well as schedule a free consultation to discuss your camp’s needs. Until then, we wish everyone a pleasant and safe summer and a great time at camp for every kid.”

About the Company: 

Heed Health provides COVID-19 testing solutions for individuals and groups. Customers can avail of on-demand support from dedicated professionals to establish protocols for testing the virus and monitoring for symptoms and exposure. Its solutions are flexible, and the processes can be managed from an easy-to-use dashboard. 

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