Canadian Tech Entrepreneur Invents Device to Save Plants

Quench, a game-changing plant moisture meter, will be launching on Kickstarter on May 18.

EDMONTON, AB – April 9th, 2021 – Inadvertent plant killers everywhere will have reason to celebrate on May 18 with the launch of Quench, a revolutionary new device that helps measure moisture in the soil to ensure plant parents will never over or under water their plants again. Quench will be debuting on Kickstarter in May, and supporters and prospective plant parents everywhere can sign up to be first in line on Quench’s website.

The Quench moisture meter is unique not just because of its streamlined, durable construction, but also due to its innovative interface. While there may be other plant moisture meters on the market, Quench has changed up the game by using sound instead of finicky apps or relying on users to visually check the meter. Simple, straightforward and free of distractions, Quench is able to detect exactly when a plant needs water and will notify the user with a gentle tone. It’s as easy as that!

Just as every plant is unique every Quench plays a unique tone to give each plant a unique voice.

From tropicals to succulents, Quench is compatible with a variety of plants just by adjusting the depth of the probe. And there’s no need to fear untimely noises in the night – instead of making a sound, Quench lights up red at night so it will never disturb the user when sleeping. This product has also been designed with sustainability and longevity in mind. With energy efficient design and coated metal alloy contacts that are resistant to corrosion, Quench will continue working for years to come.

And speaking of time, Quench’s story itself has been nearly half a decade in the making, illustrating one of the company’s core principles – if you’re going to do something, make sure it’s done right. Founder Andy Burke took this ethos to heart when he first dreamt up this new type of plant moisture meter. Trained as an electrical engineer, Andy’s idea for Quench was born out of the frustration of seeing his beloved houseplants dry up and die when life got too busy. When he wasn’t able to find a solution to this problem that worked for him, Andy decided to put his passion and engineering skills to use to develop the perfect device.

 Quote from Andy Burker, Founder:

“If Quench makes a difference in the lives of plant parents and inspires new plant parents, then we’ll have achieved our goal.”

“Our goal has always been to help plant parents feel confident in caring for their plants.”

“I decided to make Quench because I couldn’t find a product on the market that worked for me.”

“We set out to make a simple, long lasting device rather than a high tech device destined for future obsolescence.”

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