NanoResearch Inc Presents New Breakthrough Battery Solution for Electric Vehicles (EV) and Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) Aircrafts

NanoResearch Inc Presents New Breakthrough Battery Solution for Electric Vehicles (EV) and Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL) Aircrafts

APRIL 9, 2021 – Lithium-ion batteries with graphite anodes have reached maturity and are not able to achieve much needed faster charging and range for use in electric vehicles (EV) and electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircrafts. This has therefore opened up   a new R&D race towards the use of lithium metal as an anode to power high-end EVs and eVTOL aircrafts. Lithium however is an unstable material and comparatively expensive. Lithium is about to pose further price escalation challenges due to the high demand not only for use in lithium metal and lithium-ion batteries, but in other applications. This challenge is compounded since lithium constitutes only about 0.002 percent of Earth’s crust.

Dr. David Noye, Chairman & Founder of NanoResearch, Inc claims a breakthrough battery solution of a high-performing binder-free iron oxide anode as a safer, lower cost, naturally abundant and environmentally friendly alternative to lithium metal anode. Dr. Noye also claims that the binder-free iron oxide anode can be used as a low-cost and high performance alternative to graphite anode. According to Dr. Noye, the latest breakthrough in the iron oxide anode is a result of the binder-less electrode processing technology that overcomes volume expansion and ionic/electronic conductivity challenges limiting its commercial exploitation.

Dr. Noye states that the binder-free iron oxide anode experimental results demonstrate volumetric energy density of 2000mAh/cm3and gravimetric energy density of over 1000mAh/g which is 3 times that of graphite anode and a similar order of magnitude to lithium metal anode. Moreover, experimental results demonstrate faster charging/discharging times of 6 minutes. Dr. Noye explains NanoResearch licensed the original patent from National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), a government lab in 2013. Under a ‘stealth’ business mode, the research company has since then developed several intellectual properties (IPs) for scaling.

NanoResearch Inc is a contract research organization which engages in invention & innovation with focus on research, design, development and commercialization of energy storage/smart materials, energy storage devices, smart mechanical products, smart lighting products, and nano biomedical products. NanoResearch, Inc is an internship and deep tech company founded by Dr. David Noye on October 5, 2005, and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

For more information, development partners including those in the automotive, aerospace and energy industries interested in partnering with NanoResearch to accelerate scaling of this novel binderless electrode technology to market, can contact us via email or visit our website as below.

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