Introduction of characteristics of the minimalist style table lamps

When decorating a new home,many people will buy some home decoration to add more touch to room. In my opinion,the most beautiful and practical one is table lamp.

Among so many home decoration,minimalist style table lamp should be the most popular one. Why are they so welcomed by people? Let’s learn more with the table lamp manufacturer, Goodly Light.

The introduction of minimalist style’s characteristics

The minimalist style meets people’s perceptual, instinctive and rational needs for the space environment in a simple expressing form. This is a popular design style in the international society today – concise and lively minimalism.

Minimalism developed on the basic of the rebellion against the retro trend and minimalist aesthetics in the mid-1980s. In the early 1990s,it integrated into interior design.

Minimalist does not mean lacking of design elements, it is a higher level of design. In terms of interior design, minimalist didn’t abandon the regularity and simplicity of original building space to decorate without rule. Instead it stresses function, integrity of structure and form,and how to present the materials, technology and space.

Using simple method to decorate home request that designer should have more design talent and practice. It requires designer to put himself/herself deeply into life, think over and over again, and then use the simplest form to express the deepest design connotation.

The introduction of table lamps

Table lamp, a kind of lamp. It is generally placed on desk or table for lighting. It is a convenient,removable lamp. The light irradiating range of the desk lamp is small and concentrated, so it will not affect the light of the entire room. Its function is limited to the space around the table lamp. But it is a good lamp for reading and studying, and it saves energy.

Table lamp is a kind of household appliances to illuminate in our daily life. Its function is to concentrate the lights in a small area for easy work and study. The light bulbs generally used in desk lamps are incandescent lamps and energy-saving bulbs. Some desk lamps have an “emergency function”. They comes with their own power supply,so they can light event the power is off.

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