Marketatomy Academy Announces Skill-Based Virtual eLearning Platform Dedicated to Micro and Small Businesses

MarketAtomy Academy, an innovative eLearning platform, provides comprehensive courses, interactive lessons, mentoring, networking, and coaching to help business owners acquire the proper knowledge and training to succeed.

Orlando, FL – MarketAtomy Academy, a provider of innovative learning systems for small businesses, is proud and delighted to announce their eLearning system dedicated to offering on-demand and premium online courses for micro and small businesses. 

The platform offers skill-based virtual learning and courses that teach micro and small business owners the proper steps they need to take to start their business and nurture it to success. Their mission is to eliminate the knowledge deficit that causes business startup failures by offering premium and comprehensive courses delivered by seasoned business experts and professionals with decades of experience managing their own business and coaching others. 

Customer engagement and service have gone beyond having a sales team and satisfying customer’s needs. The academy teaches implementing a holistic method that continuously engages customers and makes them feel they’re stakeholders. 

Many eLearning platforms only focus on teaching small businesses how to run their business and attract more customers, leaving them without support on their journey to become an entrepreneur. MarketAtomy Academy understands that most small business owners are new to their industry and terrain and need constant monitoring until they can stand on both feet. That’s why they provide coaching, mentoring, and group accountability sessions that encourage creative thinking and problem-solving skills. 

More than 60% of startups fail in the first three years because the business owner doesn’t have the knowledge and the correct information to run the business. Some of these businesses have high-quality products that add value to consumers, but they still fail due to a lack of business management knowledge and information. 

MarketAtomy Academy spent years studying micro and small businesses to understand what makes them fail or succeed. They figured out the problems and came up with a curriculum designed to offer practical solutions that have been tested several times and have helped countless businesses to succeed. 

The academy also understands that small businesses stand a better chance of succeeding when they’re part of a business network. That’s why they established the Entrepreneur Alliance Network, where members will have access to a community of supportive colleagues to draw inspiration, brainstorm possibilities, and get insights that will help them achieve greater success. 

People who visit the doctor for regular medical checkup are usually healthier because they discover health challenges on time and find solutions before it gets out of hand. MarketAtomy Academy in keeping with the proactive approach to business success created the Business Health Check Assessment. The assessment is suitable for early-stage businesses who are struggling to move to the next stage. It measures foundational structure, financial position, product offering, marketing, and sales, figuring out problems, defining strength, and proffer solutions that lead to improvement. The Business Health Check Assessment will be beta-launched in early May 2021.

MarketAtomy Academy delivers courses that solve the individual business challenges of each learner. The classes are offered in an interactive and systematic way, and the system monitors progress. Each student receives certification at the end of their training to showcase on their profile and boost their resume. 

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MarketAtomy Academy, a division of MarketAtomy LLC, is a growth development-learning environment for early-stage business owners. They offer virtual, on-demand, and skilled-based learning, with comprehensive courses taught by seasoned experts with decades of experience.

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