Audio Ad Maker Decibel Launches New Platform

This company lets small businesses buy radio ads on-demand with no minimum spend launches.

Radio advertising remains to be one of the ideal platforms to promote one’s products or services today. The presence of radio stations, streaming services, and podcasts make this possible in the digital age. Many Americans continue to tune in on modern talk shows and listen to their desired music genre on-air or online. Audio advertisement provider Decibel understands the dynamics between listeners and brands who want to promote their name on different platforms. As such, the company launches its new platform to provide small businesses with radio advertising opportunities based on their budget.

“For too long, effective audio advertising has been inaccessible for most small businesses by gatekeepers, huge minimums, and long locked-in campaigns. With Decibel, our mission is to democratize the process for businesses of all sizes,” the company spokesperson said.

Decibel helps advertisers to reach their target via city, postal code, state, or even the whole country. All they need to do is to log in to their website and enter their address. With this, they can reach customers within a few miles radius of their business.

Decibel offers a pay-as-you-go model, with a cost that starts for as low as $10 a day. Advertisers can increase, decrease, pause, or start their ad campaign depending on their requirements.

The company also makes audio advertising simple by providing advertisers with pre-made ad templates. For more information on Decibel, be sure to visit

About Decibel

Decibel delivers quality and cost-efficient audio advertising services to small businesses in the country. The company provides easy step-by-step and professional processes to its clients from project onboarding to finish. With this professionalism, the brand has earned the trust of many trusted names in products and services, from food and nutrition to automobile parts and more.

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