Yore Tracks create custom nostalgic wall art showcasing the music charts from any date

Using the official top 10 singles from the US Billboard or UK charts from any date in the past, Yore Tracks helps create nostalgic wall art that pays homage to a memorable date in a person’s life, whether that’s a graduation, proposal, wedding day, birth of a child or another significant life-changing event.

Yore Tracks specializes in creating custom prints that have sentimental value, and since music holds a special place in many people’s lives, as the strongest evoker of memories and nostalgia, the brand created the music chart art concept.

On the Yore Tracks ‘Create’ page, visitors are invited to choose from either the US Billboard or UK charts dating back to 1953, and to choose the special date in their – or their family member’s, or their friend’s – life, immortalizing the singles chart that defined, and was the soundtrack for, that momentous occasion.

The Yore Tracks prints are highly customizable. Customers can choose how they want their chart to be visually presented: in the traditional chart layout on the front of an album cover or with the tracks encircling a vinyl record.

Yore Tracks has four background variations, offering blue, dusk, arty, or comet inspired designs. With plans to expand this selection to include solid and gradient colours. A choice of three print sizes at 12 x 16, 16 x 20 and 18 x 24 inches and giclée-printed on museum-quality thick and durable matte archival, acid-free paper which yields brilliant prints to brighten up any room.

As the various customization choices are made, Yore Tracks updates the product ‘preview’ – a conceptualization of the music chart-inspired wall art that adapts to every new step of personalization, so that customers can see the product which will be custom-made and delivered to their door.

Moreover, if the Yore Tracks print is a gift for a friend or family member, the brand provides the option to add a personalized message, which will be showcased underneath the chart display. Unlike many personalized gifts, a sizeable message can be added to the print so that customers’ messages are never limited by character restrictions.

Customers can also choose to have their wall art encased in a black frame – the style reminiscent of those used to display records which have reached gold or platinum status – assigning even greater visual importance to your special occasion music chart wall art.

Though Yore Tracks offers free world-wide delivery, the charts available to select from are limited to the US and UK, though the brand is working hard to compile charts from a plethora of other countries, so that they can provide nostalgic artworks to the rest of the world. Yore Tracks help reduce carbon emissions by 68% through producing prints from a facility local to the customer.

To ensure each print arrives in pristine condition, unframed wall art is encased in poster tubes with a snug cap, while framed prints are wrapped in protective packaging for delivery. 

Right now, Yore Tracks are offering 15% off a customer’s first order when they use the code YORE15 at the checkout.

To find out more, visit www.yoretracks.com – Reminisce and smile.

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