Homegrown Launches Website to Promote Homesteading as the Latest Life Hack

This husband-and-wife team makes sustainable living easy and fun with homesteading.

Whoever it was who said that to pursue farm living, one needs to have vast land in the country to house every plant and animal a farm should have must be wrong. This is what the husband-and-wife team of Homegrown is trying to prove. Today, the duo launches the Homegrown website to promote homesteading as the latest life hack. For them, being sustainable and self-sufficient does not have to be hard, and most of all, it does not always need a big chunk of land.

Modern living has made almost everything accessible with a click or tap, making life a lot easier for everyone. But the truth is, no matter how much convenience modern life brings nowadays, some people have decided to turn their backs away from it all and go back to the roots of simple living. They embrace homesteading—living simply and sufficiently.

Homesteading is all about a self-sustaining lifestyle. It is about being natural and self-reliant. For Homegrown, a husband-and-wife team who left the city to start a family and pursue farm life, homesteading brings a lot of fun opportunities for them to enjoy the outdoors and savor what nature has to offer. Homegrown team’s experiences are all posted on its website, https://www.livehomegrown.com.

Homesteading is one of life’s hacks and is one of the hottest trends today in the United States. According to experts, homestead’s growing popularity has been attributed to the pandemic, during which people stayed at home and there was a possibility of food shortages, as well as other factors. But even before the pandemic hit, many Americans have already started utilizing their backyards for growing crops and raising chickens.

With its booming popularity, various homesteaders, television producers, and content creators came together and launched the platform http://livehomegrown.com that features the latest trends and best practices about living sustainably. The website shares some tips and tricks on raising backyard chickens to have a steady supply of fresh eggs every morning, growing organic food in the garden, and using these products to make delicious dishes. Also, Homegrown offers print and on-demand resources to help beginner homesteaders avoid mistakes, have fun with their flocks, and harvest more produce. It also has a dedicated site for some of its chicken content https://www.raisingamazingchickens.com.

Though the Homegrown team has its farm, the group encourages individuals and families to start their homestead journey from their backyards or rooftops. Homegrown has videos that teach viewers how to grow vegetables in containers and small spaces because, as the team says, homesteading does not require a vast land. Anyone can start their journey, be it modern-day homesteading, urban farming, or living off the land.

About the Homegrown

Homegrown is a husband-and-wife team who left the city life to raise a family and shift to homesteading. Its website has various contents on the duo’s homesteading journey, as well as best practices, recipes, and other resources.

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