Govcon Giants is offering a Free Government Contracting Course for Beginners

Govcon Giants, the leading organization for people learning government contracts, is extending a comprehensive government contracting course for beginners completely free of cost.

Miami, Florida – April 12, 2021 – Eric Coffie, the founder of GovCon Giants, is pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 edition of their FREE Government Contracting Course for Beginners.

The FREE Government Contracting Course for Beginners (2021 edition) is an online self-pacedcourse that can be accessed directly from GovCon Giants’ website.

The course is aimed to guidenew government contractors on the fundamentals of successfully landing a contract with the federal government. It is based on a tested and proven model and is carefully designed to help beginners register and earn their government contracts successfully. After the completion of the course, trainees will also receive complete support as they march to win their first contract.

Eric Coffie, together with the organization’s other lead mentor Maria Martinez, have already made the announcement through their popular YouTube channel, “From how to bid to how to register to the prerequisites of landing up with those big government contracts, we have covered everything here. Our course is packed with rich content and we have compiled the information in step-by-step format, so that it’s easy and fast to comprehend.”

The FREE Beginners Course comprises 18 modules which explain the elementary level of registering as a government contractor and winning a contract through a step-by-step approach. Per the statements of Eric Coffie, the course covers all the common questions that a person might have while joining the world of government contracts.

Here are some pointers on what is covered by the Free Beginners Government Contract Course:

  • What kind of things can one expect when one gets involved in government contracting? 

  • How to set up and get your business registered?

  • How to set up a SAM profile?

  • Why is corporate experience not counted as past performance?

“To make things more engaging and attractive for our trainees, we have created cartoonish-type videos covering elementary aspects of a government contract that will make learning fun and stress-free and also quickly comprehensible for beginners,” Coffie also added. 

(In Frame: Eric Coffie)

Govcon Giants’ government contract course guide has been massively helpful for many aspiring government contractors. One of the most significant names here is Chris Facey who has landed a whopping $21 million IDIQ contract in transportation, with the help of the organization.

For more information, please visit GovCon Giants’ official website or through their different social media channels.





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