JSpeaks The Poet Releases New Album, ‘You Think You Know Me’

JSpeaks The Poet Releases New Album, ‘You Think You Know Me’
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As a military progeny, Jerome or JSpeaks The Poet grew up with diverse traveling experiences around the world. This experience played an integral role in his calling as a minister to relate to people all around. It also allowed him to refine his musical knowledge, drawing from diverse styles. JSpeaks The Poet uses his impeccable songwriting skills and gospel hip-hop rapping or singing to convey the word of God to listeners.

‘You Think You Know Me’ is Jerome’s newest album release, containing 15 tracks. Tracks like “Prayer Closet” and “You Think You Know Me” are a true reflection of what this album signifies. The album reflects on how far ahead Jerome has come in life from his days of partying. It uses storytelling rapping to show listeners who he is now – a man with a passion for helping others find a direction in life through his music.

Listeners can look forward to features in this project by other popular independent artists. Some of these include Deacon Hamilton Crowder, Greg “Puntin” Cooks, and Yolan A Poet’s Poet.

As a humble man, Jerome considers his greatest source of motivation for this album to be his family and his church.

‘You Think You Know Me’ is an introspective album that will open up the artist’s old wounds. It will show who Jerome was in the past and how he has grown since then. He hopes that just as God helped him to use his gift to live a blessed life, others will also regain faith in God.

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Jerome Covington, better known by his artist name JSpeaks The Poet, is a musician based in Houston. Although he has always had the gift of rhyme, his serious commitment to songwriting only began in 2009, after he had a spiritual experience. The artist now shares his love for God with others through gospel and Christian hip-hop music. Jerome also serves on the Board of Directors of Speak Out Inc., a nonprofit organization that brings awareness and education about the effects of domestic violence in Houston.


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