TREY CHOPS Is All Set To Release Some Unique Hip Hop Music after A Five-Year Hiatus

TREY CHOPS – A creative limbo has been broken and he is now releasing more Toronto Hip Hop music throughout 2021

For ages, music has ruled the world and will continue to do so. Some people listen to their favorite music to get relaxed, while others like to enjoy loud music while driving or in the company of friends. It is not wrong to say that music unites people like no other force does. However, to come up with great music, it is imperative that great musicians (be it songwriters, directors, producers or singers themselves) make this music and put it out In front of the world.

TREY CHOPS, a producer, songwriter, and a recording artist is all set to release several unique Hip Hop EPs this year.

Hailing from the city of Burlington, TREY CHOPS decided to take a five-year hiatus from music.

This “short” break allowed the artist to reflect on his music and work his way towards making some of his best work, all of which are set to be released this year. For TREY, music is what gives the artist a creative voice that he can share with the world.

Hence, every single song is self-produced, self-written and entirely self-made by TREY CHOPS himself.

TREY has produced some thrilling Toronto Hip Hop which is unique, enthralling and distinct to the ear. Starting the music journey six years ago with “Lushlands: Short Stories for Stoners,” it is obvious that his production style is very similar to old Wiz Khalifa and Lex Luger “808Mafia” mixtapes.

However, TREY is okay with being very versatile and is always willing to expand the music to other genres (such as “Rich N**** Rick Pt. II”). TREY has recently released Vault, Vol. 1 and there are quite a few other spellbinding EPs that will be unveiled this year!

Considering TREY’s profound catalogue of mixtape and EPs, one could anticipate that TREY CHOPS is here to create a deep impact with his Toronto Hip hop music style.

Although TREY has not released a lot of music in the past, his brand-new Toronto Rap release is something that would get people hooked for a long time. TREY has worked on a lot of new and inspiring music as a part of the Vault Series, and is also looking forward to hearing feedback to improve his music even further. The hustler has worked on three-hour-long series of EPs, all of which are planned to release throughout 2021 (with a potential release coming out every month).

“All the music is 100% self-produced- The artist initially started as a producer, and got into rapping once TREY realized that the beats were a bit too “unique” for the average emcee.”

About TREY:

As versatile as it sounds, TREY CHOPS is a 26-year old producer, songwriter and recording artist. Hailing from the city of Burlington, ON, the artist has been creating music for the past 10-years. After a 5-year hiatus, TREY’s new “Vault” EP series is all set to be released this year, where he looks to make a major push in the Toronto Hip Hop scene.

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