Best Realtor In Sebastopol, CA, Shares How Client Requirements Are Changing Over The Years

There is no doubt the virus pandemic has had a major effect on people. One area where that has been a major change is in the real estate industry where there is a huge paradigm shift back to a way seen many years ago.

Realtor agent serving Sebastopol, California, Adam Menconi has seen this shift first hand and is somewhat surprised at what he is seeing.

“There seems to be a big shift back to the 80’s and 90’s in terms of real estate. People are looking for what some would consider “The American Dream.” This means larger homes, formal and living rooms and a substantial yard for activities,” said Menconi.

Most people to this point were looking more into condominiums and apartments rather than having a conventional mortgage. The access to a local, urban area superseded the idea of space. The pendulum is once again swing in the other direction.

The pandemic has meant more time at home with families actually living together. Even in the closest of families, habits and behaviors can become issues. This can lead to some friction in the home. The expansion of space means people can better get away from one another.

Menconi and his realtor agents in Sebastopol, California have plenty of properties to show to potential buyers. The current mortgage rates are a perfect time for anyone looking to expand their home.  Menconi has one more good reason as well.

“If you do not understand the need for space, you obviously do not have a teenager or two in the home,” said Menconi.

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