About the Use of Liquefied Gas Torches

About the use of liquefied gas Torch

1. Inspection: connect the parts of the spray gun, tighten the gas pipe chuck, (or with iron wire) connect the liquefied gas joint, close the switch of the spray gun, loosen the valve of the liquefied gas cylinder, and check whether the parts leak.

2, ignition: slightly release the spray gun switch, directly ignition at the nozzle, adjust the fire gun switch to reach the required temperature.

3. Close: first close the valve of the liquefied gas cylinder, and then close the switch after flaming out. No residual gas shall be left in the pipe.

The flame-thrower is a tool used for fuse welding, surface treatment and local heating of equipment. The use of ordinary liquefied gas is convenient and economical, and also greatly improves the working efficiency. The flamethrower is safe to use, exquisitely designed and easy to operate. It is an ideal choice for factories, restaurants and other places that use flamethrower for a long time.

The body is made of high strength zinc alloy and copper die-casting materials, stainless steel perforated copper nozzle, beautiful and durable, flame temperature 1200-1300 degrees Celsius. Continuous operation time up to 8 hours, automatic ignition device, simple and safe operation, adjustable flame size, repeatable installation of butane gas tank, waterproof and windproof suitable for outdoor activities and camping use. It is characterized by long burning flame, fierce, easy to use and safe.

Precautions for the use of LPG firegun

1. This product is strictly forbidden to touch oil

2. If the gas pipe is found to be scalded, aged and worn, it should be replaced in time

3. Leave the LPG bottle more than 2 meters before use

4. Check all parts regularly and keep them sealed

5. Do not use inferior gas. If the gas hole is found, loosen the nut before the switch or the nut between the nozzle and the airway

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