About the Modified Structure of Butane Gas Burners

The utility model provides an improved structure of butane gas burner, belonging to the technical field of articles for daily use. It solves the problem that existing flamethrowers mix some air when inflated. Improve the structure of this butane gas burner include ignition device and storage tanks, storage tanks of the lateral wall with inflatable interface is connected with air tank inside, outside air interface end threaded ball valve components, storage tank of the lateral walls set up with support components, ball valve components by the valve body, valve core, the valve stem and rotate the head, body including the interconnection of the outlet, the valve cavity, the air inlet and outlet, the body is located at the end of inlet and outlet are set with sealing cover, the valve core is connected channel is set up, one end of the valve core of the lateral walls of open hole, the diameter of the hole is smaller than the diameter of the connection channel, when the valve is closed, the valve core The through hole is communicated with the air inlet, and the connecting channel of the valve core is communicated with the exhaust port. The utility model has the advantages of reducing air mixing.


The utility model relates to an air regulating valve for butane gas burner, which belongs to the technical field of welding tools. It solves the problems of the existing air regulating valve for a firegun, such as complex structure, poor pressure keeping effect and low safety. The regulating valve comprises a valve body, the valve body is provided with a first interface and a second interface, the internal valve body is provided with a mounting cavity, the first interface and the second interface is communicated with the mounting cavity, the first interface is provided with a regulating device, the second interface is provided withbutane gas burner retaining device.

The intake part is arranged at one end of the valve body, the intake part is provided with a first valve core, the intake part can be directly connected with the air source; The air outlet is circular and tubular at the other end of the valve body and is connected to the nozzle of the flamethrower. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure and high safety factor.

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