Top LA supermodel Ellen Alexander shares expert tips on keeping acne at bay

LA, California – April 13, 2021 – Have you been trying hard to get rid of those unpleasant acne pops and unsightly acne scars but with no luck? Well, to eliminate the menace you have to take a deeper look at its causes and check out for the signs of the problem. Some of the most common signs of acne include pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and cysts. When it comes to causes, well, the causes could range from a faulty beauty routine, improper diet and sometimes even those beauty products that promise a healthy glowing complexion!

But, the world is not that gloomy yet and here we have with us leading LA-based Russian supermodel Ellen Alexander who has shared with us her expert tips on how to overcome acne issues. The Russian stunner has won our hearts with her beautiful flawless skin and we are honoured to have her spilling her own secrets to attain healthy acne-free and blemish-free glowing skin. 

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Q: Hi, Ellen, you are looking ravishing. Thanks for being with us.

Ellen: Thank you. My Pleasure. Thanks for having me. Acne is a major skin issue, especially given our irregular lifestyle these days. But I wish to tell all that there is nothing to lose spirit- we just need to maintain certain basic steps and be mindful of what we consume both for our body and skin.

Q: So, what’s the first or basic tip that you would like to share with our readers to attain acne-free skin?

Ellen: Well, it’s no rocket-science here- the first step towards getting rid of acne starts with a basic cleansing routine. Oil-clogged pores are one of the main reasons behind acne. So, the goal is to keep excess oil at bay as much as possible and daily cleansing plays a key role here. You have to invest in a premium cleanser here (as per your specific skin type) and use it daily, once in morning and the other in evening.

It’s better to avoid cleaners that contain alcohol in high percentages as that might strip off your skin of natural oils. They might promise a squeaky clean finish but eventually would lead moisture imbalance and even lead to excess oil production.

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Q: Is there any particular kind of skin-care or/and makeup product that one should avoid to eliminate acne issues?

Ellen: I am glad that you asked this because a lot of people are not aware that they can get rid of acne largely by avoiding certain skincare or/and makeup products altogether. 

It would be largely helpful to steer clear of beauty or makeup products which carry comedogenic ingredients. Put simply, comedogenic ingredients are those that end up clogging pores, resulting in messy acne issues. Irony is, there is a long list of ingredients which we tend to use for good skincare without being aware that those could be comedogenic.

For example, coconut oil. There is no denying of the fact that coconut oil is amazing for healthy skincare. But, it could be comedogenic and hence won’t be a suitable option if one has oily or acne-prone skin. The oil is dense and tends to clog down skin pores which eventually trap in impurities and dirt, thereby causing pimples and acne.

Then, silicones are one of the most coveted ingredients in makeup and skincare products given the supple smooth texture they bring. But, silicones can be comedogenic as well. Alongside, there are several other skincare and makeup ingredients which could be comedogenic and must be avoided to keep acne at bay. 

The bottomline is- whenever you go to buy a new skincare or makeup product, make sure it’s labelled as “non-comedogenic”.

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Q: Is there any lifestyle habit or routine that should be followed to get rid of acne?

Ellen: There are some basic lifestyle habits that should be followed to get rid of acne-

Daily hydration for skin

Oily or acne-prone skin features a shiny kind of complexion given excess sebum production. There could be a misconception here that oily skin does not need moisturizer lest it might reduce the shine, Truth is, acne-prone skin too requires hydration just like dry skin. However, in this case, it’s better to go for a lightweight or gel-like moisturizer here instead of a dense rich lotion. 

Change diet choices and avoid excessively fatty and fried food

Diet plays an instrumental role in determining your skin health. If you are suffering from frequent acne breakouts, the reason could be those cheese overloaded pizzas and burgers. Put simply, try to avoid foods which are too fatty and fried. You should also cut down on your alcohol consumption. 

Change bedsheet and pillowcase at regular intervals

Dirty linen is another major cause of acne breakouts. So, please make sure to change your bed linen after every 7 days. You should also change pillowcases after every couple of days. A fresh tidy bedsheet and pillowcase are helpful to achieve that dream flawless acne-free skin. 

Q: Okay, Thanks for those immensely beneficial insights. Are there any additional tips that you wish to share with our readers to get rid of acne?

Ellen: Well, there is one more thing that I must mention here.

Please don’t try to touch your face and pop that pimple which has suddenly raised an ugly head. I know it’s tempting to do that but just don’t – lest it might spread bacteria across the area and trigger a rather nasty infection. You will end up with inflammation, redness and even acne scars. Moreover, even if you somehow succeed in taking that out, it will take a long time to heal for the surrounding skin. 

Try to get facials regularly to steer clear of pimples in a safe manner.

Q: Thanks a bunch. Finally, congratulations and best wishes for your newly launched online magazine

Ellen: Thanks a ton! 

I have always been inclined to learning about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Moreover, my job has taken me to several places around the world and all of them have presented me with amazing opportunities about learning more about style, beauty and lifestyle. I often love to share tips and insights with my friends but lately I have realized that I want to share my learnings with a broader audience as well. And that inspired me to launch 

It’s an online magazine bustling with authentic and practical information on beauty, lifestyle and fashion. My new website also features high quality skincare and makeup products for sale and all these products are personally used and/or recommended by me.

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