Brother And Sister Duo Release Cathartic New Single

Brother And Sister Duo Release Cathartic New Single
Song “Rip it Up” will voice all of our pandemic frustrations and more

If you have ever felt frustrated and helpless as the world came to a standstill last year, then this song is for you. The song “Rip it Up” by the artist R D Fex encapsulates the desire to literally rip up the calendar of the year 2020 as a means of catharsis. The rock music and electric guitar in this track, paired with emotionally charged lyrics, make a powerful combination for the listener.

The strict lockdown measure brought everything to a standstill – people’s activities, businesses, and interactions. These necessary restrictions have incurred financial losses for people; at the same time, many have also lost their loved ones. Drawing upon the shared experience of this global tragedy, the band R D Fex intends to remind listeners that this is not all there is to life. Despite the despair and gloom, things will move towards betterment and normalcy. The video of this single has also been produced to give viewers strength and encourage them to try their best. These elements make the new track a highly motivational piece of work for the audiences.

R D Fex consists of a brother and sister duo, Denise Fex and Roger Fex. Denise is a multi-talented instrumentalist, musician, songwriter, performer, and also the lead singer of their band. The new song “Rip it Up” is performed by her. Thriving in the music scene, Denise is also a part of another duo, called Guitar Divas, where she invites other female artists to perform covers with her.

Being one of the younger children of 9, Denise’s immediate musical influences were very much dictated by her older brothers’ blaring music! They were musically educated, therefore their music preferences were dictated by artists who displayed virtuosity verses your middle of the road rock. Her first recollection of music was Iron Butterfly’s “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida”. And from there it was Yes, Genesis, ELP, Zeppelin and the like – many of which have too quickly been forgotten by most (ok, not Zeppelin!). On the “more pop” side of things were David Bowie, Toto, Heart, Roxy Music, U2. Canadian content included Kim Mitchell, Tom Cochrane, Robbie Robertson. More currently Denise says that she is finding it harder and harder to find the “music” that really moves her…probably some of the artist closest to doing so are Cold Play and The Killers.

Denise went on to complete a university performance degree in music and has become quite discerning about music. She says that she is always pursuing music that makes you feel…with lyrics that leave you with something “worth” thinking about. She says that she can definitely appreciate a great dance song (such as Rhianna) but not sure she would be focused on writing that …not her thing necessarily…she says that it is perhaps because she wants to be part of something more cerebral as she feels there are so many important things to consider in life…enough of the superfluous which is often what dance is based on…just feel good mode, often masking how we really feel.

For her, trap, hip hop or these are not going to happen…as she feels it is just too far removed from her musical experiences and influences, though she does admit that she can appreciate Drake…and heck the duo is proud to be his neighbor!

Roger Fex is also an accomplished songwriter whose songs have been featured in the movie Beat the World. Roger is also a published writer with a book and several movie scripts under his name.

The brother and sister power duo complement each other well and plan on continuing this collaboration under R D Fex to produce more new music. They are open radio, podcast, and television interviews and for collaborations for good causes.

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R D Fex’s story is also the story of brother and sister Denise Fex and Roger Fex’s childhood. Born on a farm in Blezard Valley, their imagination was fostered on the playground, while their taste for music by their grandfather, George, who would play the violin for the kids.

Denise’s musical journey began at the age of ten when she started learning the piano, followed by the guitar in high school. Denise’s degree is also focused on music.

Roger Fex, a trained journalist, follows his passion for film and music. He has produced a feature film, several soundtracks, and directed the video for “Rip it Up.”


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