Founder and President of Professional Fit Testing Services Chuck McConkey Named 2021 Board Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce

Founder and President of Professional Fit Testing Services Chuck McConkey Named 2021 Board Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce

This quarter, Chuck McConkey, president of Professional Fit Testing Services, was named 2021 Board Chairman of the Thomasville, North Carolina Chamber of Commerce

Named 2021 Board Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce

With this appointment, McConkey brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. He looks forward to contributing to the Chamber’s continued success, and towards helping other businesses thrive and prosper in today’s challenging landscape.

Chuck McConkey and Professional Fit Testing Service

Founded in 2008 by McConkey, Professional Fit Testing Services (PFTS) has since helped hundreds of companies ‘fit test’ thousands of employees for respirators and personal protective equipment (PPE).

PFTS was created to fill a gap and overcome mounting challenges amid the concerns over the threat of a global H5N1 pandemic. Changes to federal fit testing requirements resulted in unexpected costs and organizational bottlenecks across all sectors of the healthcare industry where patient contact was involved.

As a member of the corporate pandemic disaster planning team, and a corporate nurses manager of the employee occupational health division for a large healthcare facility, McConkey was tasked with the enormous feat of creating a plan to fit test over 5000 clinical employees, spanning no less than three hospitals and two-hundred physician practices.

He quickly found that the industry was not equipped to handle such a task. Never one to shy away from a challenge, McConkey conceptualized what would become PFTS, offering an efficient and economical solution for fit testing large companies and organizations on-site with traveling fit test staff.

Professional Fit Testing Services

Today, PFTS proudly serves a broad range of businesses and organizations within the healthcare industry, including but not limited to hospitals, dental practices, hospices, oral surgery centers, construction/ manufacturing (concrete, silica dust) chemical companies, and for any business where airborne hazards are possible or where OSHA requires fit testing. Offering a wide range of personal protective equipment and services, PFTS has quickly earned a reputation as an industry leader.

Services Offered Include:

  • Onsite respiratory mask fit testing
  • Fit testing by appointment at our Thomasville, NC office
  • Fit test training – how to administer a Respiratory Protection Program
  • COVID-19 testing.  10-minute rapid test by appointment
  • PPE supplies (including N-95 masks for fit test customers)

Those interested in learning more about PFTS or in contacting Mr. McConkey are encouraged to reach out through the official PFTS website or by calling 336-802-1759.

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