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Cleaning Mentor is a trusted resource for information on cleaning products. Product reviews and how-to guides on this website have helped readers choose the best products. They have reviewed various CPAP cleaners which are regarded as among the best.

According to announcements released by Cleaning Mentor and Tim Smith, CPAP machine users looking to buy the best CPAP cleaner for their needs may want to consider the Sleep8 CPAP cleaner. This CPAP cleaner has a reputation for eliminating 99% of the bacteria present in the CPAP tubes. It prevents potential health issues that may otherwise occur due to a buildup of harmful bacteria. 

Sleep8 ensures sound sleep because of the bacteria-free oxygen it enables the CPAP system to deliver. It preempts possible health issues arising from unclean CPAP systems. These include sinus complications and sickness. 

Sleep8 does not utilize water to sanitize CPAP systems. Its compact size makes it a portable option. To use it, one does not need any additional cords, and the device does not need to be plugged in. This is a noiseless device and uses advanced technology usually seen in hospitals or the food hygiene sector. 

The Sleep8 can effectively clean heated and non-heated CPAP machines without any extra adaptors. It uses oxygen to sanitize the CPAP device’s tubing. This sanitizer switches off automatically once the cleaning is complete.

This CPAP cleaner is a compact device that needs to be connected to a filter bag system shipped with the device and a USB charger. 

The Sleep8 CPAP cleaner has a warranty of one and half years. A 12-month warranty backs the charger. 

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Tim Smith of Cleaning Mentor said, “To negotiate your way through the Sleep8 screen, all you have to do is note some of these indicators.

The battery icon indicates the lifespan of the battery. If you can see it is complete, then the battery has 100% life. If it is half, it has 50% life, and so on. A single battery charge will typically last you for 2 or 3 cycles.

The timer icon will indicate the time left for the sanitation process to deplete completely. Once this is complete, then the device will sound five times, followed by an okay symbol.

The fan icon will pulsate when the sanitation process is occurring.

“The O3 icon will confirm that the Sleep8 machine is satisfactorily connected to the bag. Once this is done, the sanitation process can begin properly. If there is an X symbol beside the O3 icon, then you have failed to connect the bag, and the process will not begin.”

On the PurePaP CPAP cleaner, Smith said, “The PurePap CPAP sanitizer is the type of CPAP cleaner that uses activated oxygen to sanitize your machine or mask. The company claims that it kills 99% of germs and bacteria within only 30 minutes.

“It is indeed one of the newer oxygen-activated devices which allows a faster generation of O3 than earlier sanitizers in this category of CPAP cleaners.

“This is what gives the PurePap the ability to automatically clean your CPAP device in the time in such a short time.”

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