Purple Moon launches Most Versatile Heating Pad to cover maximum pain relief needs

The Purple Moon Collection Wrap is the most versatile microwavable heating as well as cooling pad in the market that features unique patented design to cater more effectively to varying range of pain relief needs.

Galt, California – April 14, 2021 – Great news for those struggling to find a truly reliable and high quality heating pad for various kinds of pain management. Rising medical device wearable startup Purple Moon has recently launched the most versatile microwavable heating pad in the market that can cater to almost all kinds of pain management needs. Titled “Purple Moon Collection Wrap”, this superior extra-large heat wrap with extra long straps is bustling with a stellar 4.5 ratings on Amazon and rave reviews from happy customers.

The Purple Moon Collection Wrap is endorsed by star Australian Olympian Athlete Javelin thrower Kim Mickle. The product is currently available on Amazon USA and Australia as well as eBay USA. 

“We are excited to bring to you our state-of-the-art microwavable heating pad which is poised to be the most versatile in the current market. Our game-changing product is especially designed to cover most of the pain relief needs and assure a comprehensive solution when it comes to pain management. From lower back pain to shoulder and neck ache to pain in joints and muscles to period pain, our versatile heating wrap can handle all. Our goal is to give people of all ages the ability to move around again, gain confidence in their body and overcome immobility. Our heat pad  would also make a great aide when you want something relaxing to get rid of mental stress and tension”, stated a leading spokesperson from Purple Moon. 

Interestingly, the heat wrap can also be used as cold wrap (by placing it in the freezer) for cold therapy for sprains and strains.  

“We are thrilled with the amazing response we have received from our customers on Amazon and eBay. We are also thankful to professional athletes and star Olympians, especially Kim Mickle, who have helped us by testing the product to ensure The Purple Moon Wrap is able to deliver an industry-leading performance on global stage.”

A major USP of the Purple Moon Collection Wrap is its unique curved stitch design which plays a key role in making the wrap the “most versatile heating pad” in the market today. This unique pattern helps the wrap to conform to specific contours of the curves of the user’s body for optimum coverage.  The product is extra large (20” width) and comes with extra long ties (the longest in the market)  for the most comprehensive coverage, irrespective of the size and weight of the users.  

Another factor that helps Purple Moon microwaveable heat pad to stand out in the market is its Flaxseed composition which delivers a unique moist therapy that has proven to be more effective compared to other natural products. 

Top features of Purple Moon Collection Wrap

  • Most versatile heating pad in the market that can handle almost all kinds of pain management needs
  • Can also be used for cold therapy
  • Extra long heating wrap with longest ties to fit any body
  • Features unique curved stitch design that helps the pad to conform to contours of users’ body
  • Unique Flaxseed therapy
  • Double stitched for guaranteed strength and durability
  • Plush premium comforting material  

The Purple Moon Collection Wrap has received a number of 5 star reviews –

“I know wraps, I’ve been using them for over 20 years and this wrap is by far better than any I’ve ever had! I LOVE IT! So many amazing qualities – EXTREMELY soft (you won’t believe it!), has a design that wraps perfectly onto your body and is built with high-quality products so it will last you years, not months. Do yourself a favor and buy this one. I’ll be gifting it to my friends and family for the holidays!”

“Here’s what’s great about this product – It’s moist heat and it really penetrates your muscles. I have severe and chronic neck and shoulder pain and this is a great option to use when I’m not close to an outlet to plug in a heating pad, or if I need to be mobile and move around. The ties are perfect to keep it in place.” 

For more information, please visit www.purplemooncollection.com 

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