White Hat, Gray Hat, Black Hat, Red Team, Blue Team, and Atense Computer Vaccine

In a world replete with cyber offerings, even colors vie for glamour and attention. But to keep your computer secure, Atense Computer Vaccine is all you need.

Plano, TX, USA – April 14, 2021 – Life sometimes is complex and challenging, and cybersecurity offerings are no different – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

In Hollywood cowboy movies, the good guy wears a white hat while the bad guy’s choice is a black hat.

There is a white-hat hacker, gray-hat hacker, black-hat hacker, red team, and blue team in cybersecurity.

The white-hat hacker, also called an ethical hacker, works to keep the cyber world safe. Once a white-hat hacker finds a cybersecurity security flaw, it gets fixed.

The black-hat hacker looks for cybersecurity vulnerabilities. And after finding one, the black-hat hacker exploits it for criminal activities.

In between the white-hat hacker and the black-hat hacker lies the gray-hat hacker (or grey-hat hacker). The gray-hat hacker may engage in practices that seem unethical but usually operate without malicious intent.

When an organization wants to test its cybersecurity readiness, two teams – the red and blue teams – are employed. And both teams use an extensive array of cybersecurity tools. The red team does the attacking, while the blue team’s job is to defend.

The red team, composed of ethical hackers, searches for weaknesses to exploit in the organization’s cyberinfrastructure. Once coming upon a cybersecurity security flaw, they take advantage of it, infiltrate it, and then analyze the blue team’s response.

The problem is –

Even with all those color schemes used to describe cybersecurity, with penetration testing and the variety of cybersecurity tools available, individuals’, businesses’, and governments’ computers still get hacked all the time. Data is stolen and encrypted, and all that’s left is a ransom extortion note displayed on the computer screen.

Atense Computer Vaccine is the world’s first patented computer vaccine, covered with ten US patents and more patents pending worldwide. By using certification, encryption, and whitelisting, Computer Vaccine creates a shield around the Windows operating system, controlling what runs and doesn’t run in the computer. Authorized software runs, but malware, old and new, gets blocked at arrival.

“We’re allowing you to partner with us and have a piece of Atense. Please check our equity crowdfunding (www.wefunder.com/atense) – together, and we’ll make the cyber world secure so that everyone can have peace of mind.” – John Almeida, CEO of Atense.

Company and contact information are available at Atense Cyber Defense.

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