Learn How This Marketing Agent Tapped into an Industry Need to Create a Successful Company

Learn How This Marketing Agent Tapped into an Industry Need to Create a Successful Company

Calvin Hamilton began his professional career at only 14 years old, interning with marketing departments and helping online gaming-content creators on YouTube increase their viewership and get brand deals throughout high school. After moving on to becoming a social media manager at VaynerMedia under Gary Vaynerchuk, Hamilton had enough experience under his belt to catch on to a persistent problem; entrepreneurs had unique and entertaining channels and businesses, but they didn’t know how to market themselves or who to trust to do it for them. Engineering Influence, Hamilton’s boutique marketing and brand strategy firm, was founded to be a transparent option to serve these types of companies. Hamilton created Engineer Influence to be an oasis for clients that “has a seamless onboarding process, offers innovative marketing solutions, and allows their clients to spend less time marketing and more time on product and innovation.”

Because Engineering Influence values the straightforward relationship between the client and the business above all else, Hamilton has had to work to establish those relationships and image. “[For the last two years] I have spent virtually all of my time building the infrastructure, team, and processes to make Engineer Influence an agency that can solve those issues, specifically as it pertains to personal branding and media buying. Now, the journey hasn’t been perfect, and I’ve certainly made my fair share of mistakes and hiccups along the way, but I’ve never been more confident in our ability to deliver results, and I think my clients would say the same.”

Indeed, his investment into transparent and direct marketing strategies has paid off, and surprisingly quickly. “Despite being just under two years old, we’ve had the pleasure of working with digital celebrities and executives such as Rohan Oza, Jon Taffer, and Hubert Rhomberg as well as companies like Extell Development, Drink Poppi, and ScholarMe (YC S19).

Hamilton’s previous networking gave him the social connections needed to launch his company, but only because he paid attention to their pain points. “I’ve spent most of my time simply laying the foundation for the rest of the work that we’re doing, and foundational work very rarely garners any traction from the outside world. So, for all of the hours that I’ve spent working on groundwork, I’m not pitching prospects, closing new clients, working on press releases, or doing any of the flashy things you see on social media, I’m just making sure that every client that walks through our door is going to have the best experience that we can afford to give them.”

If you’d like to learn more about Hamilton’s journey, check him out here, and if you’d like to see how Engineering Influence can support your company then click here.

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