Spicy Tempo: The New Name For Exhilarating Pop and Electronic Dance Music

Spicy Tempo: The New Name For Exhilarating Pop and Electronic Dance Music
Through rich and soulful musical compositions, Spicy Tempo is fortifying his position in the world of Pop and EDM, by crafting musical pieces that are both memorable and exciting for listeners.

Talented music artist and composer Spicy Tempo is the face of tomorrow’s finest Pop and EDM fusions, as he continues to enthrall with great compositions one after another.

The emerging artist’s memorable and brand new single “Mechanical Heart” highlights the artist at his best.  Accompanied by a beautiful video which was released on March 5th, 2021, the single was composed and recorded by Spicy Tempo, mastered with SoundLAB and distributed by the iconic CD Baby. Fans of his music find his characteristic vibe to be one that is both refreshing and pleasant to hear.

Inspired by the likes of the legends of contemporary music industry as well as 70’s icons such as Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, Abba and Fleetwood Mac, the rising artist is driven to inspire and excite. Spicy Tempo’s unique musical tastes and sensibilities are dominated using a wide range of musical instruments, dynamic soundtracks and enriching beats. The artist believes that “Mechanical Heart” will become a formidable force that is appreciated and well-received by fans of Pop, EDM and chill electronic music.

“Mechanical Heart” is a perfect mix of what the artist describes as “East meets West”, the single is a blend of contemporary and classic Western Pop, interspersed with iconic Eastern elements and dynamic beats.

The rising star is known to have a strong and uniquely refreshing vibe and uses his musical compositions to highlight an enlivening and tantalizing energy, dominated by bass, drums and percussion. With “Mechanical Heart”, he is aiming to showcase his iconic usage of mellow and relaxing tones that complement guitars, strings, synth and piano beautifully.


Talented artist and composer Spicy Tempo hails from the San Francisco area and is a true force to be reckoned with in the world of dynamic and ever-changing pop and electronic dance music compositions.

Having extensively traveled to more than 25 countries, Spicy Tempo has been driven and influenced by the unique and stunning musical tastes of various countries.

His new single and music video “Mechanical Heart”, released on March 5th, 2021, presents a groovy and uplifting track for listeners to vibe to. Spicy Tempo released his first album titled “Cool Spice” and video “Silver Lining” in 2013, which was then followed by the release of his second album titled “Mirror of Dreams” in 2014. From rhythmic drumbeats and splendid usage of uplifting bass, Spicy Tempo ensures his best electronic music compositions are made of the most exciting and bold tastes and sounds.


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