ZHIYUN Celebrates Crane Series 5th Anniversary

A history of innovations and industry-leadership

Shenzhen, China – April 15, 2021 – ZHIYUN, the world’s leading professional gimbal brand for filmmakers with cameras and smartphones, is celebrating the 5th anniversary of its Crane Series camera gimbals, which have continually led the industry with a history of ground-breaking innovations through each new product.

“ZHIYUN would like to thank all the filmmakers for their support of the Crane series over the past five years,” said ZHIYUN CEO, Yilun Liao. “We will continue to strive to meet the needs of filmmakers to ensure their creative vision is met with future innovative ideas to further enhance the functions of Crane series products.”

Launching the first product of ZHIYUN Crane series

In 2015, Yilun Liao founded ZHIYUN. A year later the first Crane series gimbal was launched. As an avid amateur photographer, Mr. Liao was not satisfied with the cumbersome products the market offered, so he set out to design a lighter, more convenient gimbal that would change the industry. In 2016 the Crane series broke new ground and set the foundations for a new era of convenient, single-arm stabilizer gimbals for global filmmakers.

Crane 2 continues to innovate

After the initial success of the original Crane gimbal, ZHIYUN built on its strong foundation for the next generation. With the Crane 2, ZHIYUN added a wealth of new features, including a follow focus wheel and OLED screen directly on the gimbal, greatly improving the user experience for photographers and filmmakers.

With the follow focus wheel, filmmakers can adjust camera focus by themselves instead of needing an additional follow-focus device, reducing equipment costs and improving the convenience for filmmakers.

These enhanced capabilities and strong-lightweight design helped Crane 2 to build a strong fanbase, among whom intrepid filmmakers were attracted by the convenience of its new features and all-day battery life.

Engaging with Filmmakers to create Crane 3

ZHIYUN continued to receive feedback from its customers as it developed the next generation of Crane products. Customer feedback expressed the need for simplicity in the digital filmmaking process. ZHIYUN developed a highly integrated gimbal that enabled wireless video transmission to another device. With this, the Crane 3 Lab was launched, which integrated with the wireless image transmission, focus & zoom control, touch control and an all-inclusive control panel. The resulting response was overwhelmingly positive, and the Crane 3 received an enthusiastic support from ZHIYUN’s customers.

Designing the next generation Crane

With our strong foundation and rapid growth, ZHIYUN will continue to listen to customers’ feedback and offer new Crane series products featuring innovative features that enhance the filmmaking experience.

5th Anniversary ZHIYUN Crane Series Video:


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