Email overload: A third of Jacksonville staff spend a day every week managing email

Jacksonville Florida – Apr 16, 2021 – Huge amounts of time are being wasted by staff in Jacksonville just managing their email inbox every week.

In fact, for a third of staff, they’re spending so much time on it, that it adds up to nearly a fifth of their working time – the equivalent of a day a week.

That stat’s been revealed in a survey of 1,000 decision makers.

“There are so many ways to communicate at work, yet email remains a favorite,” commented Jacksonville Florida IT expert named Patrick Domingues.

“We seem to have a love/hate relationship with email. The survey shows 61% of people prefer to use email over tools like Teams or Slack.

“But it’s also the tool that we most love to hate. Who hasn’t switched on their laptop on a Monday morning and instantly felt their heart plummet when they’ve seen how many emails are waiting for them?”

The original survey, run by a company that makes a tool to make email easier, revealed:

  • 70% of people believe email is one of the biggest productivity drains
  • 73% say too much time is spent trying to find emails
  • And here’s a shock – 62% of people keep hard copies of emails – print outs

Patrick Domingues believes all local businesses should do a productivity analysis, and consider clever tools that make it easier to manage email. Or alternatives for internal communication, such as Teams.

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The original survey results are here:

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