Glo Anqunette: Her Musical Journey and Plans to Dominate the Scene

Glo Anqunette: Her Musical Journey and Plans to Dominate the Scene

Growing through hardship prepared Glo Anqunette for many things, and today, her sojourn in music shows how much her life’s journey has prepared her for these moments. Born and bred in Las Vegas, Nevada, she got into the music scene in 2011, traversing music genres like Hip-Hop, R & B and Country Pop. She established Glowing Star Media as the production company under which she releases her music and carries out all her music business.

Glo has performed at different community events and concerts that have earned her some fame as a musician. Before facing her music career full-time, Glo Anqunette worked as a substitute teacher and in the Black Student Unions during her days at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where she earned a BA in Urban Affairs. She floated the idea of combining music with fashion in 2017, which made her design her performance outfits.

Glo Anqunette got into music to make profound statements with her music and fashion styles. She’s a skilled seamstress and stylist who has used her skills to add color to her musical talents and performances. She also sets herself apart with her ability to write her music and keep her music clean, devoid of profanities or lewd language. In her words, “In today’s times, we see so many people have their materials written for them, but it barely connects the artist with the work. Writing is rare these days, and I make sure my music reflects my thoughts and feelings as well as my spiritualist style and quality.”

Building her musical career came naturally to her as she always wanted to establish something that belonged to her. Her background played a major role in shaping her for big challenges; so, when it was time to officially kick start her music career, she set it all up by herself. She’s also passionate about community building through establishments. Glowing Star Media was built to serve that purpose as it allowed her to work on her music and contribute to the community directly.

As her career continues to grow, Glo Anqunette hopes to get her music known globally. Beyond music, she also wants to play a part in humanitarian causes that help less privileged children and youths. “I love kids, and I want to see them lead meaningful lives. I lacked many things when I was young, and I would like to spare many children such a harrowing experience. I got the chance to get out, but many children may not get that chance. So, why not help them avoid it entirely?” she says.

Becoming who she is and running her independent production company is all she set out to do and achieve success in. She has introduced herself as an MC while doing a full-time job. She admits that there are both terrible days and great days, but she understands that it’s all for building morale and getting known on a global scale.

She has placed all her hope in her music and wants everyone who comes across her music to connect with her story and know that anything is possible if they keep trying.

Learn more about Glo Anqunette, AKA Goddess Glo, on the official website or follow her official Instagram account.

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