Pocket Flippers, LLC Launches Fast-Track E-Course to Real Estate Investing & Wholesaling

This company offers education materials for passive income earners and house-flippers.

Real estate investing and wholesaling can get complicated, especially for beginners. Real estate investing involves managing properties and generating income from it, while wholesaling requires good marketing skills. Pocket Flippers, LLC, a company teaching people the basics of real estate investing and wholesaling, launches its fast-track e-course on the two subjects. The company believes that by executing its strategic real estate investment strategies, people will learn to create generational wealth.

Pocket Flippers is composed of dedicated educators who learned how to be successful in real estate investing through many years of experience. These seasoned real estate investors each bring a different real estate niche to the table. The company also ensures its trainees that its faculty members are passionate about the niche they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their lessons.

The Pocket Flippers educators also provide comprehensive training. They understand that each individual is unique. This uniqueness means that each trainee learns differently, so they took the ABC approach in their training modules. This way, each trainee can easily and quickly absorb information. When trainees learn the basics, they’re able to start growing their money right away.

The Pocket Flippers team is also committed to excellence. Together, they take on a mission to embrace the pursuit of excellence both inside and outside their learning environment. To do this, they encourage critical thinking and emphasize the learning process over memorization.

Pocket Flippers trainees can purchase its e-course at https://www.pocketflippers.com. “The Fast Track E-Course to Real Estate Investing & Wholesaling E-Course” breaks down and explains why the “Lease Option Wholesaling Strategy” is more lucrative than any other strategy known in the field of real estate investing. Additionally, a Pocket Flippers representative will also be providing informative details about “Traditional Wholesaling.”

Aside from offering a real estate investing and wholesaling e-course, Pocket Flippers’ secret weapon, is in its state-of-the-art Real State Investing Software available for purchase on its website. The Pocket Flipper Real State Investing Software was created by Pocket Flippers’ top software engineers and was inspired by a host of top real estate investors, who helped form this software platform.

The software uses state-of-art technology that allows users to search “off-market” properties such as multi-family and single-family apartment buildings and commercial properties. All these properties are discounted at 30 to 70 percent off-market pricing.

Users can also get the training and tools they need to virtually perform buyer and seller searches. They can also complete a variety of real estate transactions with vacant houses, foreclosures, expired listings, and many more categories, using the software’s skip tracing technology. These transactions can be done from the users’ desktop or smartphone and without high interest, hard money loans, or middlemen.

Pocket Flippers has an unmatched array of lending programs, from revolving lines of credit to traditional loans with interest as low as 3%, with deferred payments, designed to address all of its clients’ lending needs, based on credit scores as low as 600. And when an individual cannot meet the credit score requirements, Pocket Flippers has a powerful credit flush program that can raise one’s credit score within 60-90 days versus basic credit repair that can take up to a year or more.

About Pocket Flippers, LLC

Pocket Flippers, LLC is a company committed to educating real estate investing and wholesaling beginners. The company is composed of a dedicated team of seasoned real estate investing and wholesaling educators who provide comprehensive training to people interested in learning the basics of real estate investing and wholesaling. With a mission to provide excellence both inside and outside its learning environment, the company encourages critical thinking among its trainees for them to achieve their wealth-building goals in the real estate industry.

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