Fraser & Co. – A Watch Company that is Using the Watch Community to Help Change the World

This watch brand is making a name for itself in the watch and luxury industry by using watches to create positive change in their community.

Fraser & Co. may be new to the scene when it comes to the horology and watch community, but they are making a lot of noise right out of the gates. The company, which prides itself in providing exquisite timepieces to individuals that range from just a few hundred dollars all the way to their soon to be completed collections for the high-end luxury market, is positioning itself in a light that goes far beyond just providing breathtaking timepieces. When you visit their website,, glaring you right in the face is the true mission of the company. Fraser & Co. is using proceeds from every watch purchased to make a significant impact on communities and lives both locally and around the world.

While the company is new to the space, they have already been making an impact within their community. Even before they had a product to sell, Fraser & Co. was developing passionate partnerships with businesses, organizations, and causes that truly promote and champion improving their communities and the lives of those within it. One such example is their investment into sponsoring women owned small businesses within their local community through their collaboration and partnership with Attract, a woman owned small business that provides a platform and opportunity to women entrepreneurs.

How does purchasing a watch from the company, such as their newly released Aesthete and Visionary timepieces, make an impact? The most immediate way that has been revealed is through the proceeds that come from each purchase. With every purchase, proceeds from that purchase go towards current outreaches and causes that Fraser & Co is involved in. Furthermore, the company has spoken about creating employment opportunities for the local community as they continue to grow. Lastly, the company has expressed plans to hold community events both locally and worldwide that are funded by the company to provide services, opportunities, and experiences for individuals and communities in need. The best part though? Transparency. They are committed to keeping the community up-to-date and involved every step of the way.

In today’s day and age, it is hard to find companies that put their money where their mouth is. In a world of industry behemoths, it is refreshing and inspiring to see the little guy finally making a name for themselves.

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