Cursor Clips Celebrates Launch Opening Door to Turning Engaging Home Videos Into an Income Stream

Creative and fun home videos are quick to catch and keep viewer attention. Curson Clips is helping clients get their videos seen by more eyes and paid for the content.

People love funny home videos more than ever. Cursor Clips is working with top television programs and leading video channels to provide the best home video content, contributed by everyday people with the chance to win cash prizes. Many of the videos end up being viral breakthroughs being seen by millions of people. The spirit of the classic “America’s Home Videos” may just be alive again.

“Here’s an opportunity to be seen and enjoyed by an incredible amount of people,” commented a spokesperson from Cursor Clips. “We are passionate about high energy, good spirited home video content and have a great idea about what works on a big scale and what doesn’t. If you have great home video why not show the world? And maybe develop an income stream in the process!”

Cursor Clips helps independent creators earn anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to thousands of dollars per month from new revenue opportunities, by negotiating winning deals that would otherwise likely not be available. Opportunities for creators are certainly on the rise with the Cursor Clips catalog doubling in size every month, and that momentum is looking quite certain to continue.

Currently some of the top names tapping Curson Clips for winning home video content includes Impact (with over 300,000 subscribers and 100 million monthly video views) and MTV’s Ridiculousness (a popular television show with 20 millions viewers a month). Cursor Clips has worked with global brands such as Tik Tok, Google, MTV, Walt Disney, and many others.

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