4 must have floor cleaning machines for commercial premises

Talking about how to cleaning maintenance, there is no doubt that first image that come to  mind is a cleaner use a mop and a bucket to clean the floor. However, there are much more floor cleaning machines and tools that can be apply in and by which can save us much time and effect.

For industrial and business premises, traditional manual labor would be very consumption. An integrated auto floor scrubber is an best offer for those cleaning contractors. A auto floor scrubber often offer with vacuum and wet cleaning and suck the waste in one machines and cleaning in one time. It cleans the floor in the front and suck up the dirty behind with a squeegee. After proper training course, one cleaning labor with a fully charged auto scrubber can be run for up to 4 hours non-stop. Most common types are Walk behind floor scrubber and Ride on floor scrubber.

For hotels, clubs, resorts and other luxurious places, the most common floor cleaning machine is vac cleaner. Different types of vacuum cleaners is the basic foundation of all cleaning and daily maintenance system for all luxurious premises. Vacuums can work on a wide range of types of flooring including carpets and tile. They are also a good helping in wet cleaning. Nowadays, different from having a bag, the producer make the vacuum to have a container to hold water and debris.

The other familiar floor cleaning machines is floor scrubber. With much compact size and flexibility, there are too many functions that it can be fulfilled client’s daily cleaning requirements. For example:

• Specific area/Dirty spot cleaning: Compared to hand cleaning, floor scrubber has advantage due to its motility and weight.

• Carpet cleaning: frequent requirement, it has less demand on device’s maneuvering ability

• Concrete Grinding/restoration: this require on a high performance durable floor grinder with heavy weight. it is also referred as the stone pollution and corrosion removal. The method of restoration basically removes all the roughness, all the ledges and more importantly it brings the flatness to the marble floors.

• Floor polishing:

• Floor buffering

*All of the above requirement request professional training.

Air blower is the most significant floor cleaning tool. The public may find it not obvious but actually it is the most needed. In most case, it would be used in business of flood restoration or drying floor. In the business area, waiting the wet floor to dry is very unwisely, because it can cut down on productivity. Using an air blower can dry the surface faster. An air blower/floor dryer can work on various types of application, like hotel lobby, washing rooms, bathroom, wood floors and drying carpet.

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