Battlefield Boardroom Accentuates that Good Leadership and Great Customer Experience Drive Growth

The company urges entrepreneurs not to settle on just the default but to choose to design the experience they and their customers deserve.

While some companies are content to place people in leadership positions solely because of their educational background or connection without having them undergo any kind of proper leadership training or experience, wiser employers invest in training promising employees to be good leaders who know how to provide excellent customer service. Deric R. Keller, the founder of Battlefield Boardroom and author of the highly beneficial book, “Experience Driven Sales: Driving Profits in Dealership Sales One Experience at a Time,” advises that utilizing the customer experience to drive sales will ensure one’s business is secure and growing in this constantly changing world.

Keller, a proud Marine, took his battlefield tactics and used them to transform one car dealership after another. He asserts that the underlying principles of honesty, authenticity and transparency shaped his vision, allowing him to create dramatic differences in sales and customer experiences.

“Experience Driven Sales” shares Keller’s journey to drive growth in the car dealership industry through an amazing customer experience. This success resulted in a guide for any business that wants to create dramatic growth.

Every chapter offers another critical part of the transformation through tools and strategies that can be implemented into any business or industry. Keller even shares his Action Guides to get readers thinking about how to apply the principles and tactics in their own business. “Experience Driven Sales” is the right guide to jumpstart entrepreneurs’ journey as it effectively inspires them to reshape their business and fire up their team.

“I think there is a huge gap in the way that we are treating and earning our customers business and it starts from the leadership down,” stated Keller. “You don’t have to be in the car business or own a dealership to create dramatic growth in your business using this book’s lessons and wisdom.”

Afterward, the Battle Map series was formed — helping business owners build the path to making their dreams and goals a reality. Whether they want more sales or want to accomplish more of their goals and have a better life, they can use this tool to fill in the gap between where they are now and their dreams.

Keller is a U.S. Marine, combat veteran, entrepreneur, business owner, author, sales specialist and coach. His company, Battlefield Boardroom, offers elite business coaching to high-level business executives and entrepreneurs.

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Battlefield Boardroom offers elite business coaching to high-level business executives and entrepreneurs.

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