Sola Wood’s Eco-friendly Flower Alternative is a Hit with Floral Artists, and Crafting Enthusiasts

Sola wood flowers are environmentally-friendly blooms made of natural, biodegradable, and sustainable materials that are great for crafting floral decors and accessories.

As a champion of sustainability, prides itself on producing eco-friendly, long-lasting, and quality flower arrangements coupled with great customer service.

Designers, florists, crafters, soon-to-wed couples, gift-givers, and about anyone who loves floral decorating may be going in the direction of minimalism and sustainability, but they sure won’t abandon the desire for their flowers to be beautiful, magical, or awe-inspiring. Sola wood flowers embody these characteristics making them appeal to many. Their versatility allows designers to express their creativity in an eco-friendly way.

Sola wood flowers give something extra. They present an entirely new universe of textures. There’s a large scope of colors, dimensions, and shapes. They transcend seasons. The possibilities of tints and tones are limitless.

The biggest benefit however is that they can last years with care. They are a great way to add flower accents to homes and offices and not have to worry about maintaining and replacing them making them one of the best sustainable alternative options for floral design.

Sola Wood Flowers Headquarter is in Ogden, Utah, and is the number 1 supplier of wood flowers in the US since 2017. The company offers flower packs, DIY craft kits, home decors, and floral arrangements for all occasions including holidays, weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Sola Wood Flowers offers the variety and quality you look for in a floral supplier, with the bonus of responsible, eco-friendly options.

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