Clinic Leads Offers A Commission Only Program to Cosmetic Surgeons

San Antonio, TX – April 19, 2021 – These days, more people are turning to cosmetic surgery treatments to enhance their physical appearance and boost their confidence. With the increased demand for these services, business owners must secure new patients to book with them using the internet. Clinicleads is offering cosmetic surgery clinics the opportunity to book and acquire new patients through their fully automated commission only program. This program allows surgeons to start getting exclusive patients without having to pay for them until they book. They take only a small commission from each patient you book for your clinic.

The system that clinic leads has built automates the new patient process so the lead is 75% worked already, you have all the patient information, consultation and photos of the patient to make BEFORE you speak to them.

The owners of cosmetic surgery practices that utilize Clinicleads enjoy personalized ads and a lead generation system that works 24/7 to identify the exclusive customers that clinic owners want. This system enables individuals to conveniently complete their consultation online, instead of only getting the patient name, number and email. They also help each clinic grow their Google Reviews and their sales team with training and sales scripts.

Obtaining customers organically is an unreliable process especially when competitors are moving ahead with their own digital marketing strategies. Cosmetic surgeons need paying customers to grow their business. Clinicleads sends highly targeted, direct traffic to clients for a wide variety of procedures and services.

Clinicleads’ Lead Automation System identifies individuals that want a client’s specific services and are highly motivated to obtain them. These practices require a multi-faceted approach to marketing that all work together as an integrated whole. Clinicleads provides all of that at an affordable cost.

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