“Christian Therapist On Demand” a Faith-Based Therapy Platform Is Here to Help

The online go-to mental health resource for the Christian community. “Christian Therapist On Demand” safeguards users’ spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Fresno, California, USA – Some Christians experience a narrative from fellow believers that suggests seeking Mental Health support from health care professionals indicates a lack of faith or rejection of God’s healing power. It is okay to love Jesus and seek professional therapy. Seeking professional help for mental health difficulties can be an actual act of faith. Seeking help is easier now than ever before, with Christian Therapist On Demand.

Christian Therapist On Demand is a secure, stigma-free, and affordable platform that connects therapists to individuals who want to incorporate their faith into their counseling experience. The platform offers individual counseling, couples coaching and support groups.  In addition to the incredible and improved features to help people find an apt therapist and resources for victorious living; the platform is convenient with all sessions taking place through an app using a smart device.

“It can be a challenge finding a counselor with similar Christian values,” says Dr. Johnson, Chief Servant Officer for Christian Therapist On Demand, who worked in corporate health care leadership where two recurring issues arose: one, lack of access to mental health care clinicians to obtain appointments in a timely manner and two, knowledge of whether any clinicians identified as Christian and/or offered Christian Counseling. It was during this time that the idea of Christian Therapist On Demand was born, within minutes we connect therapists to clients who wish to incorporate their faith into their counseling, shared Dr. Johnson. 

If you have any sense that you are struggling with your mental health and wellbeing, it is time to shake off any sense of shame and find assurance that Your God does, indeed want you to live a life of joy and peace.

“I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10. NIV)

The many Christian Therapists out there know that their training and professional experience can equip people to live the fullness of life God intends for them.  Of course, when we are in despair, hurting and experiencing mental agony its very hard to really hear and hold onto Gospel truths.  We can think of mental difficulties as a barrier to the gospel.  Christians think nothing of removing the barriers of poverty, geographical isolation and lack of access to the Gospel.  Mental health struggles should be treated as a barrier to the gospel and dealt with accordingly:  with professional and informed support.

Demystifying mental health within the church is an integral part of Christian Therapist On Demand’s mission through education, support and equipping believers with tools for successful living. “You Can Have Jesus and a Therapist too!” Faith enhances mental health treatment and is considered a protective factor.  Christian Therapist On Demand is a bridge that connects mental health and faith; it breaks the stereotypes surrounding therapy and professional counseling within the Christian community. The platform promotes that there is no shame in seeking professional Christian counseling. Therapy with the faith of Jesus is a powerful commitment to spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. 

Christian Therapist On Demand is a comprehensive mental health resource for individuals desiring to incorporate their faith and spirituality into their therapy experience. The platform is praised immensely for its terrific tips to prevent anxiety attacks amid the Pandemic, resources, including podcasts, worksheets, sound relaxation and more.  Also for providing a safe place for believers journeying through various addictions, for couples experiencing marital conflict, individual struggling with issues of depression, anxiety, caregivers stress and burnout, and so much more. The re-released launch aims to facilitate more users with its new design and increased capacity to serve others.

Christian Therapist On Demand’s “Group Chat Support™; Christian Therapist On Demand “Unlimited Messaging; Christian Therapist On Demand “Unlimited Messaging Plus™ and Christian Therapist On Demand “Ultimate Unlimited Messaging Plus™” are the top packages available to help people seek spirituality, peace, and joy in their lives. While Christian Therapist On Demand “Couple’s Coaching™” is perfect for couples desiring to grow their relationships. Financial Aid is also available for those who qualified.

Christian Therapist On Demand is currently in iTunes and Google Play stores.

About The Company

Christian Therapist On Demand is a faith-based therapy platform for those individuals desiring to incorporate their faith and spirituality into their therapy experience. The platform has recently announced its app’s re-release with improved features and an increased capacity to serve users.

For more information about Christian Therapist On Demand, please visit www.christiantherapistod.com.

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