Idaho Company Helps Farmers Conserve Water While Increasing Crop Yield

Zeolite Soil Amendment allows farmers to use less water, while retaining more nutrients and saving money. Ida-Ore leads the way in quality Zeolite suppliers, winning praise from clients.

Zeolite is a rare volcanic mineral favored by farmers for the remarkable effects it can have on crops. Idaho-based Ida-Ore is a leading source for bulk Zeolite Soil Amendment of the highest quality, shown to deliver a number of remarkable results in commercial farming. Highlights of the Zeolite agriculture impact include the need to use less water, while seeing crop yields increase significantly. This has earned Ida-Ore a remarkably positive reputation among Zeolite suppliers nationwide.

“Zeolite use goes all the way back to ancient Rome for good reason,” commented a spokesperson from Ida-Ore. “The key to successful Zeolite agriculture is using Zeolite that can be trusted. We are passionate about what we do and quality and customer service always come first for us.”

According to the company, some of the key benefits of using Zeolite in farming includes increased water retention; slowing the release of nitrogen from urea; fertilizer extension; added value to manure and compost; and much more. Zeolite is even being used as a household odor removal product.

Bulk order rates of Zeolite Soil Amendment are available from Ida-Ore on request.

Reviews for the product continue to be extremely positive.

Jay S., from Idaho, recently said in a five-star review, “We have been very impressed with the results of using Zeolite from Ida-Ore at our farm. By being able to use less fertilizer and seeing our crop yield jump up this has increased our profits in a very real way. We totally recommend Zeolite from Ida-Ore. We reduced the total amount of fertilizer used during each application. It has delivered results beyond what we expected.”

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