Nickels Becomes One of The First Artists To Debut His NFT Drop With Mesmerizing & Thought Provoking Art

April 19, 2021 – The American Creative Director and Digital Media Artist behind Jake Paul’s camera arm and Nessly’s AutoTune innovative computer animation implant is releasing a series of NFTs on Rarible this Friday.

After revolutionizing the game of animation and being the creative mind behind A-list rappers and influencers projects, Nickels has decided to create his own jawdropping work by launching his latest high-tech project by propelling himself into the NFTs world with a series of 4 art projects.

The collection named “THANKS I HATE IT” features never before seen artwork with special unlockables for collectors, connoisseurs and fans. Rumor is that buyers will be able to have a direct connection to the artist himself with the purchase of any of his NFT’s. Only after purchase will buyers be able to access their exclusive prize.

Nickels has confirmed that he will be releasing limited editions of the following sets of incredible 3D sound animated NFTs:

  • RUBBER: Auction based 1-of-1 won by the highest bidder.
  • CRUMBLE: Limited to 25 editions. 
  • WRITHE: Limited to 100 editions.
  • SCRAPE: Limited to 250 editions. 

The talented young artist has not yet confirmed the exact price for each, but his representatives have confirmed that they will be affordable enough for even novice collectors to afford. This NFT is backed by his partnership with UCY (Universal Commerce For You) which is a top ranked digital agency well known for their successful digital projects for well-known celebrities, athletes, musicians and now artists.

 After speaking to the founders of UCY, Amanda Luz and Jeet Banerjee had this to say about their partnership with Nickels, “It’s rare to find true art in the NFT space which is cluttered with tons of low effort content pushed in an attempt to capitalize on the gold rush. We loved having the opportunity of working with one of the top artists in the world to create real art, which is where the true future of NFTs is heading towards. It’s another means for collectors to showcase and cherish artwork in the digital sphere.”

Nickels who’s been featured in several articles on ESPN, Vice Media, Business Insider and Yahoo! since 2016 has continued pushing the boundaries of digital production amassing a large fan base around the world who has always held great regard for his works. Friday’s drop is highly anticipated by the fans as everyone expects nothing less than greatness from Nickels as he transforms his artworks into the NFT world.

The visionary artist behind ground-breaking computer animations that has led to collaborations with famous personalities such as Dennis Rodman, Jake Paul, Nessly, Kekra, Fedez and Chiara Ferragni believes NFTs is the future of the artistic world and is ready to show the world what he has to offer!

After speaking to some art experts around the globe, they are excited to see what Nickels has planned for his debut. Whether you’re a veteran or a rookie in the NFT space, this is one drop you won’t want to miss!

Nickels can be found on his Instagram page,, YouTube page,, and his website,

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