The global semiconductor market is out of stock

At present, the global semiconductor shortage has become a worrying issue. Chips are an important part of smartphones and automobiles. After the global production capacity reduction caused by the epidemic last year, the market has been driven by demand that has recovered, and the demand for chips on the manufacturing side has also surged. In the car, mobile phone and consumer electronics industries, the shortage of semiconductors has reached the level of affecting the real economy.

The semiconductor shortage has had a significant impact on the manufacturing industry:

Japanese automakers such as Honda, Toyota and Nissan announced reductions in production capacity as early as January this year. The French automaker Renault Automobiles said that the semiconductor shortage is expected to peak between April and June and may adversely affect the production of 100,000 vehicles, accounting for about 3% of its annual output. In addition, major European and American car companies such as Volkswagen and Volvo have already announced adjustments in production to deal with the “core shortage”. Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Company estimates that in the first half of this year, from January to June, the world will cut 1.5 million vehicles.

The ripple effect of the semiconductor shortage has gone beyond the automotive industry. The scope of influence has spread to various fields: cars, personal computers, gaming equipment, etc. are among them. The latest report shows that due to the shortage of Qualcomm SoCs chips, Samsung’s shipments of some low- and medium-end models will be affected. In addition, under the general trend of 5G replacement, Broadcom also recently notified customers that the delivery period of related chips has been extended to 50 weeks, and some chips have been as long as more than a year.

“The demand for semiconductors (not only the demand for cars, but also the demand for the entire market) has been in a bullish trend.” Based on the information from all parties, it is not difficult to find that the demand for CPU, driver and power devices began to be in short supply at the end of last year. Not only did it not alleviate the shortage at the beginning, but even the passive, PCB, and MOSFET began to be out of stock and price increases. The component gap in the entire semiconductor industry spread rapidly like a rising tide.

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